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24th Aug 2004, 13:14
My jaw fell open when I read this......

Man burnt porn magazine on plane

A plane passenger admitted endangering the safety of an aircraft after he set fire to a pornographic magazine because he found one of the pictures offensive.
David Mason ripped the magazine into pieces then set fire to it on a flight from Norway to Gatwick in February.

Lewes Crown Court was told Mason, 45, had found a photo of a black man with a white woman "offensive".

Mason of Surbiton, Surrey, is to be sentenced on 21 September but has been ordered not to fly as a bail condition.

'Desire to destroy'

Judge Richard Hayward said Mason must not fly on any commercial flights into or out of the UK or on domestic flights.

He said: "I am concerned about his lack of understanding about the danger he posed.

"My view is that a prison sentence is not appropriate but a degree of supervision is required.

"These offences are regarded as very serious and many judges would send him to prison - I want the public safety ensured."

Cabin crew on the Braathens Airline Boeing 737 flight doused the paper with water after they smelt burning.

The court was told Mason, who is said to suffer from schizophrenia, had tried to take the magazine into a toilet to burn it but the cubicle was occupied.

He had also asked a flight attendant if he could burn the magazine in an oven near the galley.

He told officers he was "overcome with desire to destroy" the picture.


24th Aug 2004, 14:24
Isn't care in the community wonderful?

24th Aug 2004, 16:22
Well im sure one or two of the crew found the fact that he had a porn mag in the first place offensive....They should have burnt him!!!

24th Aug 2004, 17:02
He only found ONE of the pictures offensive?

24th Aug 2004, 20:57
Nobody either side or him found it offensive that he was browsing a pornagraphic magazine in flight? Or did he know the picture was in the book and took it onboard to burn, as it'd be too easy to burn on the ground ?

How would you feel if the guy beside you on the bus or train was reading, or should I say admiring, one of those top shelf magazines?

:E :sad:

25th Aug 2004, 15:43
I hope the poor chap is found the help he seems to need.

speed freek
26th Aug 2004, 12:39
Thank god somebody was in the loo at the time. Otherwise I seriously doubt anybody would have walked off that plane. What a f:mad: g idiot!!

26th Aug 2004, 13:46
I can't help but wonder why his is not banned from all types of public transport.... would you want to be on the channel tunnel with him? A ferry? London Underground?

26th Aug 2004, 16:16
People who do that kind of thing need to have a large notice branded onto their foreheads, with a red hot iron, saying "I am a danger to the public" so they could be picked out easily at airports/stations/buses and refused carriage.