View Full Version : Red Bull DC-6 airborne at last!

21st Aug 2004, 09:14
After probably the most extensive restoration/rebuild of a DC-6 ever the Red Bull DC-6 flew for the first time this week. Reportedly the first test flight went like clockwork with no defects to report. Congratulations to everyone involved and I for one look forward to seeing it soon.

22nd Aug 2004, 13:01
The DC 6 (http://www.flyingbulls.com/start_st_e.html). She looks lovely.

22nd Aug 2004, 14:16
Sorry deleted image...

Enjoy !!


London Jets
22nd Aug 2004, 14:29
Can anyone suppy any more info on this DC6, ie; Reg? where its based? What the plans are for it? etc etc?


22nd Aug 2004, 21:51
London Jets,

Explore the website at OutsideLooking's link for more info.

Location: Salzburg Airport
Reg#: N996DM
Intended use: Red Bull promotional work, no charters

Also, from the FAQ section:
We regret to inform all flying enthusiasts that we cannot offer trips. The Flying Bulls is not a passenger transport business, and also the carriage of passengers is not permitted for insurance reasons.