View Full Version : Kuwait Airways to NYC

20th Aug 2004, 10:06
My mother has an option to take up a cheapie economy class seat LHR - JFK on Kuwait Airways - about UKú100 less than the competition. I've heard various things about them on this route, not all favourable.

I know that not many of you travel down the back, however, you may have glimpsed something through the curtain? Do any of you have any experience that you could share please, before the booking is made?

Many thanks


Boss Raptor
20th Aug 2004, 16:28
Is actually a good flight but no booze, my mum uses this regularly in Y - Air India LHR-JFK is also great flight in both Y and C and also a cheepy, great if you like curry and usually half full or less - last time I played cards with the F/A's in economy most of the flight, nice crowd :ok:

Final 3 Greens
22nd Aug 2004, 14:12
I agree with boss about AI.

J class often available for about a grand - not in the same league as BA or VS, but nice big seats and good service, from friendly crew - and Bollywood films on a central screen :-(

26th Aug 2004, 12:54
I flew with them in coach from Kuwait to Bahrain recently and even though it was only a 40 minute flight the service was outstanding !!! Makes some of the US carriers First Class look bad.