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1970s Spotter
20th Aug 2004, 07:38
Way back when (1976 actually), when Stansted was an interesting airport, there were a couple of JT4A powered 707s stored/wfu over by ATEL/TMAC/Dump area. N714FC and N702PT painted in Perfect Tours colours.
They never moved.
What's the history of these two at STN? Who were PT? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Is it me or was STN great then? About two movements a day, permission granted from ATEL wander round their ramp, the place cluttered with old 707s and Britannias....:{

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21st Aug 2004, 13:30
I reckon STN is still interesting.... Came through there from HHN (another interesting airport) yesterday afternoon. 747SP, private 757, DC8 etc. nay, no Brittannias or 707s though...

Apparently N714FC was broken up at Boeing field in '81 as an Aeroamerica example, however it was apparently still at STN in '77 for scrapping so there seems to be a bit of conflict there. (could it have flown out?)

N702PT was broken up at STN in March 1980. Listed as being Monarch aviation.

21st Aug 2004, 23:08
Ah yes, Perfect Air Tours. An interesting company.
Offices in London, ops in LIS, owned by Egyptians...and the aircraft were nicely maintained, on the US register.

What would you like to know?

The chief pilot was quite a colourful guy...and very well known in Hollywood circles.
And, SCCA racing.... rookie of the year in 1965, and had the trophies to prove it.