View Full Version : Another London Air Traffic Computer Failure

Electric Sky
4th Aug 2001, 22:43
LATCC had another computer failure this morning causing delays to a large number of flights. I hope after all this time waiting that Swanwick has a Radar that can cope with the demands of UK airspace :eek:

The controllers seemed to do an excellent job under extreme circumstances this morning - well done guys!!

ES ;)
ps - try "CTRL + ALT + DEL" next time!!

4th Aug 2001, 23:43

You'll be pleased to know that this morning's failure was a direct result of an attempt to update the LATCC computer to allow the Swanwick computer do work. Also, even if we get the new centre open in January (rather doubtful, IMHO), the same LATCC computer is the main ATC computer TFN, and will send its data down a line to Swanwick. Some would say that is introducing a further option for failures, but that would be "off message" to use new-Labour speak!!!

Thanks for the kind comments - we did our best in difficult circumstances.

Electric Sky
6th Aug 2001, 00:47
Hmmmmm .... thanks Numpo-Nigit. Keep up the good work you guys!

Lets hope Swanwick is the answer to all your software problems!!
(Will now attempt to remove tongue from cheek!!) :rolleyes:

ES ;)