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Fester T Adams
18th Aug 2004, 23:14
I'm due to head on a long trip soon using three different airlines, two I know are definitely striking, the other UAL I've been told are voting on strike action too, is this correct?

Now when it comes to BA it looks like I'll be lucky, unlike many poor unfortunates since I'm not flying out till the beginning of September so hopefully should miss the strike action & any backlash. This I tell you has come as a major relief since this flight is the most important one unless I'd rather row the pond. :uhoh:

But do my problems end there, no they do not! The airline I have to take to connect with my flight at LHR is also going on strike too, trouble is I still don't know when, are they going to be lightening short strikes or what & if so how much warning will I get, one thing sure I'm left with uncertainty as to whether my flight will depart at all.

Question is what should I do & what duty of care do the airline owe me in other words what is my comeback. I've emailed the airline which I believe is a good first move & am already looking at alternatives should I feel the worse will come to the worse. If I go ahead & book alternative arrangements will I be the one out of pocket, are most insurance packages like mine which seems to cover you for delay which is not an option given I've a connecting flight or would it come under 'cancellation & curtailment'. In other words if the airline screws me over do I have any rights or comeback? :mad:

19th Aug 2004, 07:13
Try reading your ticket and the terms of carriage

Fester T Adams
19th Aug 2004, 08:17
I will when I get it, may be good for toilet paper now. :{