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18th Aug 2004, 21:49
Does anyone know anything about this team that used to display for the RAF during the 70s? We have a Bulldog visiting this weekend which had the same registration (XX523) as one of the Bulldogs listed as being on the team. If anyone knows anything of the history, I'm sure the owner would be interested.

Thank you

19th Aug 2004, 08:44
I've no info on the team, but I can tell you that XX523 was on the strength of the Royal Navy's EFTS at Leeming in July of 1979, as I flew it five times that month. I had been there since April, but only flew it in July.

The RN EFTS was a jointly staffed unit, with RAF and RN instructors and just RAF ground crew. We did an 80 hour course in preparation for rotary BFT at Culdrose, although one from each course was streamed to FW for the SHAR.

19th Aug 2004, 13:00

Thank you for that. The plane is now based in the Detroit area, and hopefully will be visiting Oshkosh this weekend, stopping in for the very popular British Wings & Wheels event! I will pass the pprune link on to the current owner.

Matt Skrossa
20th Aug 2004, 21:42
I also flew the aircraft about 5 times with RNEFTS in 1977/78. The Bulldogs were a two ship display team made up from the RAF/RN QFIs from RNEFTS, which was based at RAF Leeming, but deployed daily to RAF Topcliffe. I think Flt Lt Dave Walby and Lt Rob Bradshaw were the two pilots during my time as a student, but memory is somewhat faded, probably due to vast quantities of Old Peculiar etc consumed in North Yorks, ahh happy days!

22nd Aug 2004, 02:10
Thank you for that. The Bulldog did come to stay, along with a Chipmunk, a Puss Moth and a Hornet Moth, and about 160+ British cars - what fun day! Beautiful planes and cars and gorgeous weather :D