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18th Aug 2004, 15:32
Hi Folks

Was going to post this in the Questions forum, but thought it may have been shifted by "security" to this thread, so decided to save them the effort!:E

Just wondering who I can fly from LHR to CDG with. Looked at EasyJet (out of Luton), BA, Air France, BMI. RyanAir dont fly that sector. Any other suggestions? This Australian and his mate will be over that way in October...

Cheers folks

18th Aug 2004, 15:43
Thats really the only ones who fly there direct.

Its always a good idea to check www.expedia.co.uk to see about flights if you aren't too sure who flies where!


Boss Raptor
18th Aug 2004, 16:13
At a potential flight time of 35-40 mins. there is nothing positive/negative about either AF or BA - you wont be on long enough to get any sort of service - get the best price you can - AF have a convenient bus from their terminal to central Paris however

Bezi l
18th Aug 2004, 16:21
true with regard to the AF bus, but you don't have to have flown with AF to catch the bus. I've flown into CDG with bmi before and have then caught the AF bus to go into central Paris.

18th Aug 2004, 19:27
If you looked at Luton did you consider London City? Easy to get to from Central London.

Re the bus from CDG. YOu need to buy a ticket in the terminal before you baord the bus, worth remembering if tine is tight.

19th Aug 2004, 00:00
Thanks for the input folks... was a toss up between BMI LHR-CDG or EasyJet LTN-CDG... both fares were about the same.. but BMI's cheaper seats have obviously been sold, as the ticket price has doubled :{ :{

EasyJet here I come!


Land After
19th Aug 2004, 10:14
Depends on your starting point, but may be good value and more convenient. No major league security, more space and centre to centre service.

Pax Vobiscum
19th Aug 2004, 11:44
... and from CDG to the centre of Paris, the fastest method (MUCH faster at peak periods) is the RER train (or you could take the TGV) ...

19th Aug 2004, 16:10
I am just wondering if your concern is about service on board or facilities in getting public transport from airport to city and viceversa.
As far as service on board is concern it is such a short sector it shouldn't bother you to much ... BA or AF should make no difference. I could suggest you to look for the cheapest fare ... it should be only a 40 minutes flight.
Happy landings

19th Aug 2004, 20:46
If you're going city-centre - city-centre, why not fly Eurostar? The last time I had time-critical travel between the two cities, I found that was the best way.

20th Aug 2004, 00:22
Second vote for the Eurostar. The missus and I used it a couple of times, and it just saves so much aggro at good old Heathrow.

(Especially if the stupid weather over that way keeps it up ;) )

20th Aug 2004, 00:57
Hi Folks

Thanks again for all the repsonses, very much appreciated!

A question though... the eurostar trip itself takes about 3 hours (just under) whereas the flight is apparently just under 1 hour. The question is though, will it be quicker on the train to avoid customs at CDG/LHR?

This might sound a bit dorky though, I have always wanted to fly into LHR... just once... am I sick? Should I see a doctor? :p

20th Aug 2004, 07:42
Ok folks further to the above I have booked BMI BD173 LHR-CDG... is anyone able to tell me which a/c type usually operates this sector, or is it an on-demand decision made closer to the date of flight?

Cheers! :p

20th Aug 2004, 12:40
On BA, by the time you've

1. Schlepped out of Paris on the RER (if you're anything like me, always picking the one that stops everywhere),
2. Fought your way through the mess that is CDG T2B,
3. Been delayed due to slots,
4. Endured a massive taxi to the rwy,
5. Had a delhi-belly box thrown at you,
6. Done an aerial tour of North London due to the inevitable hold,
7. Landed on 27R, long taxi to 27L, even longer wait to cross to get to T4,
8. Bussed around the bowels of T4 (CDG always seems to get a remote gate)
9. and finally queued for hours at Immigration if you're not a EU citizen....

you'll wish you'd taken Eurostar! In any case, I think the quickest journey time is now down to 2h40 due to the high speed link being half-open.

20th Aug 2004, 17:15
BahrainLad's missed the last step: Schlepping all the way into central London, which is basically an hour in itself.

Bezi l
24th Aug 2004, 08:24
BD173 is normally an A320 during the week and on Saturdays is usually an A319.

Have a good trip.

24th Aug 2004, 09:22
Thanks heaps for that, I look forward to flying with BMI! Have a techie I work with who used to fly for BMI on the RJ... really nice guy, his wife worked in ground staff there too!

Cheers :ok:

27th Nov 2004, 22:21
Ok so we got back from the trip, and yes now in hindsight I will most likely never fly LHR-CDG ever again! The flight itself was fine (flew BMI), but I have to say that LHR was a bit of a let down - nothing like what I had expected... I know it sounds a bit corny but LHR is the one airport I had always wanted to experience - there was not much to really experience about it! Very old, and very slow security lines...

The whole trip ended up taking about 8 hours - by the time you count the bus from Russell Square to LHR (too early for the tube), checking in, waiting in MASSIVE security line, boarding, taxi (not too bad surprisingly!), flight itself, then arriving at CDG to wait on the taxiway for about 1/2 hour, finally getting a bay, disembarking, waiting for baggage, getting grumped at by ar*ehole in Customs, then figuring out how to get the train into Bastille!!

Ah bitter experience, what a great teacher you are :E

Jordan D
28th Nov 2004, 11:49
Am going to suggest the only way for London-Paris/Brussells: take the train. Eurostar is quicker, faster, more efficient, with shorter check-in times and city-city.

My mum was based in Paris for a year, and commuted weekly from our home in London. The only time she took the plane, was when she was due to travel the day of the Tunnel fire.


28th Nov 2004, 13:16
From an ATC point of view, I'd recommend AF LHR-CDG, as they always seem to pick up less of a slot delay than BMI and BA for the same departure time/route. Of course, some say that CDG Air Traffic Flow Management shows favouritism towards AF, but of course that's just idle speculation! :E

28th Nov 2004, 13:56
and if you fly BA the piccadilly line at t4 is soon to be or already shut

Wannabe Flyboy
28th Nov 2004, 18:19
and if you fly BA the piccadilly line at t4 is soon to be or already shut

I think it already is. Regardless it took me almost 40 minutes to get from the aircraft at T4 to T123 tube station a couple of weeks ago.

29th Nov 2004, 13:10
Take the train.

Check-in is quick, when it's moving it's actually going somewhere and you get out where you want to be.

Price difference? No idea but even if it is slightly more expensive not having the hassle is worth it ten times over.

Yes, I am a Eurotunnel shareholder but don't let that put you off! :E It's time it made a profit anyway.

Regardless of whether one is a shareholder I've always thought it was completely pathetic that the UK couldn't get the high-speed line sorted out like the French did. All it takes is a bit of forced appropriation of land and Bob's your auntie.

Used to annoy me no end to come out of the tunnel in England and have to sit in a siding to let the Dover cattle train past.

Oh and if you want to see Gatwick just take the train.

2nd Dec 2004, 15:58
Last night (Weds 01 Dec 04) Piccadilly line station at T4 was open and operating as usual.

Why would it close? T5 tunnelling? Haven't seen anything about impending works on the tube stations.

Mate avoid LHR like the plague. One of the world's busiest airports so it's great for exotic spotting but the terminals are just not big enough to handle the sheer weight of numbers of people going through these days.

Going to/from London-Paris/Brussels, if the price is even nearly the same, take the train. From getting to Waterloo only 20 mins before departure, to getting off at Gare du Nord is only 2h55. To go from the City of London to (say) Place de la Concorde flying will not give you a lot of change out of 4 hours, taking into account commuting at each end. Road trpt is a nightmare & there's a good ol' walk at each end to the train.

2nd Dec 2004, 16:12
Picadilly Line to Terminal 4 will close on 27 January 2005 for 20 months to allow for modifications due to Terminal 5 works.

Trains will run London-Hatton Cross-T123 then return T123-Hatton Cross-London (just like the good ol' days).

For Terminal 4, the best way is to either take the Heathrow Express, or travel to Hatton Cross and take a shuttle bus - or a cab, dozens of which are sure to appear about a millisecond after the line shuts.

The sliver of silver in this thundercloud is that tube times to T123 will be reduced....slightly.

Final 3 Greens
2nd Dec 2004, 17:38

Every tried LCY?

30 mins from City to LCY.

1 hour check in (max)

50 min flight to ORY

10 min baggage reclaim & exit

30 mins to centre of Paris

= 3 hours door to door.