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17th Aug 2004, 20:16
Yet again,Ryanair make the news papers today and yesterday. This time a pax travelling from BOH to DUB had his camera fall out of his bag and a ground worker picked it up,and took a picture of the handler off-loading the bag onto the baggage belt,put the camera back into the bag and no harm done,a bit of craic. Not by a long shot!! This idiot pax decides to send the photo into the papers and make a big deal of something so small and silly. As an ex ground worker in FR,I know this guy in the picture. He was threatened by managers in FR to tell who took the picture or he would be sacked. This incident happened in March and he cant remember and was unaware of this particular "CRIME". He was given a dead line to tell managers who took this photo or he would be sacked. After he sought legal advise he was brought back for a meeting and told the managers that he had spoke to his solicitor. THIS IS THE BIT THAT REALLY SUMS UP FR MANAGERS. They denied the threat they made to him and said that they accept his storey.

I spent 3 years working with these bullies and they dont have a clue how hard the FR handelers work.

Fester T Adams
17th Aug 2004, 20:40
From what I read I got a different viewpoint. The pax's bag went missing & turned up a good while later after he reported it, I think it was a time period of a number of weeks.

The pax had a camera in the bag, when he got the film developed a few months later he was surprised to see a picture of a FR baggage handler tossing his bag, it was stated if I remember correctly mgt believed outside the baggage handling area but of that I can't be sure.

Turns out someone had rummaged through this pax's bag, took a picture of the baggage handler which has since been splashed all over the daily papers. Whether he was aware of it are complicit was not fully evident, the picture taker then replaced the camera in the pax's suitcase.

Where did this suitcase disappear to for a number of weeks is another question I'd like to ask. Whoever the numbskull was that took this picture he/she certainly has done FR's image no further good on top of all the controversy it currently courts nor has the person who 'mislaid' the bag. :rolleyes:

A bit of craic???, in my estimation it was far more than that & was totally unprofessional behavior. :mad:

17th Aug 2004, 21:24
Do Ryanair have their own baggage handlers?

Irish Steve
17th Aug 2004, 22:15
At DUB, FR use contract handlers who tend to get hoofed out at the end of their contract, just before the time when under employment legislation, they could expect to get a permanent position.

There are some senior permanent FR handlers, but the "grunts" are mostly the contract people, paid accordingly:(

17th Aug 2004, 23:46
i know the chap too its total :mad: he's offloading bags onto to the arrivals belt standing beside the float the bags are stacked up to and over head high he's not slamming the bag on the belt just pulling it from the top. BTW he is as the other senior gha's decent workers who do a lot more than the so called blowins the yellow packs the part timers you know what i mean, the managers take action over crap like this when they are told time and time again about these :mad: who think its funny to :mad: around with others peoples private property.

"Turns out someone had rummaged through this pax\'s bag, took a picture of the baggage handler which has since been splashed all over the daily papers. Whether he was aware of it are complicit was not fully evident, the picture taker then replaced the camera in the pax\'s suitcase."

Read the article the camera was attched to the outside of the bag........evening herald 16-8-40.......life in FR is hard enough without this overblown crap. As i said the bags were being offloaded on to the baggage reclaim belts pax are 15 to 25 feet away on the other side where did the bag go its not a den of theives in the baggage hall or is that what the media and this pax want people to think

Pontius P
18th Aug 2004, 06:07
Who on earth would put a camera in. or on, hold baggage? Not something a sane person would own up to!

Bomber Harris
19th Aug 2004, 16:58
I think it is hilarious when you read the media story about bags being opened and slammed onto belts then........
it transpires that the guy was offloading a bag from a pile in a normal fashion and a workmate stumbles across a bag which some foolish pax had attached a camera to the outside of it and snaps his mate at work. I must admit, I could see myself having a bit of fun like that when I was a kid in unskilled labour force. I heard the guy in the foto is a real sound guy. I bet he remembers who it was but is standing by his workmates. Hard to blame him really.

I think this has been blown up a bit too much. Hardly front page stuff while a war is going on!!