View Full Version : Futura 1607 cracked window

15th Aug 2004, 08:29
11 hours at santander, no communication from Futura and 6 hours to refit a window in a 737. is that service?

15th Aug 2004, 08:51
it takes more than an hour to fix an aircraft window! Would you rather have a decompression at 37000ft????

15th Aug 2004, 12:55
i'm sure it does jetteson but like is said in the above post, you would at least like to know whats going on.

He probably only found out the job takes six hours when the engineers declared the a/c serviceable!!!


London Jets
16th Aug 2004, 22:57
If you want to have a look at a cracked windscreen then have a look at these pictures that I took on this thread!!! GULF69 has added a decent photo as well.