View Full Version : pre-ATPL ground prep' (can I make this any less interesting?)

13th Aug 2004, 21:40
Forgive me if I'm covering old ground here.....just another rookie, exposing his insecurities!......

Whilst I absolutely know I'll never make a rocket scientist, can anyone kindly recommend a way to top-up / refresh / gain a remote interest in / improve upon fading(-ed) 'O'-level (yes, I'm that old) knowledge of/ average ability in - the dreaded Maths and Physics before I embark upon residential ATPL's later this year or early next?

For example, has anyone done the 'Maths for Pilots' course offered by Cranfield, or similar, or know of any 1-1 tutors that specialise (NW England) or have any other cunning plan?

Or maybe I'm worrying unduly?

(I was considering ATA in Cov' but understand they're no longer operating so I'm looking at LMU instead - any comments?)

Many thanks in anticipation.

13th Aug 2004, 23:06
For starters, don't panic too much regarding the maths and physics. You're needlessly worrying.

Revise the basics. Rearranging formula, fractions, basic trigonometry, %'s and conversions.

Physics, again, don't panic too much. revise your PPL stuff. Lift production, Boyle's & Charles law. Stuff like that.

If you're genuinely worried, try your local library for some revision guides.

To make it interesting... start watching the weather with some interest. Look at the isobars, what the fronts are doing and the effect on the weather.

For aircraft systems and the like, go to a museum with cut aways of engines etc. Have a look and get familiar with the lay out of an engine, both piston and turbine. Have a look around aircraft too. Look at delta wings, notches in the wing, vortex generators etc.

It does help that you can visualise the techo stuff the ATPL goes into. I can recommend the museum at Coventry. I am sure there's others around.

16th Aug 2004, 12:59
if you go to www.pilotwarehouse.co.uk and do a search under "maths" youll find a nifty book called "Maths and Physics for Pilots" (part of the Keynotes series) - its aimed at reminding you of all the things youve forgotten that youll need for you ATPL studies.

Aint cheap at 24 but it has saved me alot of head scratching I can tell ya.


16th Aug 2004, 13:55
As for myself the longer I'm out of school the more degraded I feel my maths and physics have gotten.So a little helpful refresher book like that should do the trick!:ok:

Cheers For that!!:D

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16th Aug 2004, 15:47
I did a maths & physics refresher course and found it to be a waste of money. It cost 200 + VAT, and it started off with 'do you know how to add'?. We ended skipping most of the course, and settled on a few of the things to do with pythagoras, and trig. It was supposed to be 10hrs, but we were done in about 3. As for the physics bit, there wasn't much in it, as I recall. Thinking that I paid 2000 for my ATPL, it was a real waste of money.

The book is also massively over priced for what it is, I don't recommend it. Go and buy a cheap O-level revision book instead.

Your course, if it's any good, will give you all the formula you need to know. It should also contain a refresh on some of the physics courses.

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