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Fuel to Noise
4th Aug 2001, 16:26
Surfing the web I found the pages of www.jump-away.de (http://www.jump-away.de)
They claim to start a new airline operating from Germany with B737 and B757.

Does anyone know more?

Fuel to Noise

4th Aug 2001, 18:14
The first posting of a Ppruner and this one leads to a new website of a start-up...mmmhh...cheap advertisement I guess.

Comes close to several intended start-ups which had websites and interviews etc....and the take-off was delayed and eventually abandoned due to flat tyres.... :confused:

ATC Watcher
5th Aug 2001, 09:46
Quote from web-site :
our fleet:

" The fleet of our recent and rising airline will consist exclusively of ultramodern and only few years old airplanes of the manufacturer Boeing. Primarily machines of the types B737 and B757 will be used. These samples proved to extremely safe, comfortably and economically in the world-wide and daily application.

In connection with a professional and prudent maintenance, this is the crucial reason for us to entrust our passengers and crews this proven aircraft. "

"Only a few years old" and "prudent maintenance..." "proven aircraft.." sounds good...reminds me of SPANTAX...
good luck anyway...

5th Aug 2001, 12:46
This "Airline" is most probably a hoax. The LBA (german aviation administration) does not know anything about this airline and they want to begin service this winter. So they have not even applied for a license.
There are some problems with the domain of theire website. If you want to know more, check www.pilots.de (http://www.pilots.de) (german language).


5th Aug 2001, 12:59
What they are really looking for is good old hard cash. It will be interesting to see if they get any takers. There is also the possibility that there could be a little scam going on here!! ;)

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5th Aug 2001, 13:59
What a joke!

If this is for real, they should start by hiring a webdesigner!

Did a little research; one of the "founders" O... H... is also owner of the domain they use. Are these names familiar to German aviators?

6th Aug 2001, 12:01
:rolleyes: Oh come on guys, this is a spotty little teenager getting carried away with his virtual airline dreams or, judging by the airline's name, having a little joke. The site is very amateurish. Even The Guv managed more believable sites with his dream airlines!

The Guvnor
6th Aug 2001, 12:55
Thanks for that compliment, Avman ... I think! :D :D :D