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4th Aug 2001, 02:11
Thought some of you may get a kick out of this if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.goodwinmustgo.com/

4th Aug 2001, 02:43
Fun to read !!
mattwald must be a ****** off investor i guess !
:D slam_dunk

5th Aug 2001, 10:41
The questions now are, if, when and how Goodwin will depart.

Nobody in the World can claim he has not been a consistent disaster since he took the helm at United. Trouble is that United's Board of Directors have not demonstrated much in the way of guts in the past when it comes to dealing with chairmen and CEO's. Their problem is compounded by the fact that they need to find someone dumb enough or egotistical enough to take over a continuing disaster.

Labour peace at United is still not in sight. The mechanic leadership, which was part of the USAir deal for its own internal political purposes, is now likely to be challenged and has certainly lost credibility with the "real" IAM members.

There is talk of a second ESOP which may be a negotiating ploy or it may be serious.

There is no way in hell that Rono Dutta can replace Goodwin because he is universally despised by the employees. Several other managers who attached themselves to Goodwin are suspect. (Remember the pilots and mechanics have votes on the Board which could block unpopular replacement choices).

All in all, there will be some very interesting politicing going on. If the Board of Directors does not get rid of Goodwin on their own initiative they will be forced to do so before too long and then they risk looking stupid so they will probably act fairly soon. The most qualified candidate to replace Goodwin is the last person the Board would ever want to consider. Looks to me as if United will get a "caretaker" CEO just when they need a leader to turn the company around.

5th Aug 2001, 11:44
Well, he can't go soon enough for me. I've watched while he and his "management" team have flushed us right down the toilet. Hell, I'd rather have Greenwald back. And Dutta..... don't even get me going on that wannabe. He couldn't find his ass with both hands and a map, let alone run UA.

5th Aug 2001, 15:35
When flying for "The wings of man" front seat on a "WhisperJet"....I experienced firsthand being flushed down the toilet by an astronaut, then shat on again by our friend frank....at least your airlines are still around...

7th Aug 2001, 02:01
"mattwald must be a ****** off investor i guess !"

More likely, a frustrated frequent UA flier.