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11th Aug 2004, 23:18
Hi Folks, What is the difference between an Irish A.T.P.L and a C.A.A A.T.P.L. Being from Dublin,it would be obviously a lot more convenient for me to do the exams in Ireland.....Accom,cost etc. Why do a lot of Irish pilots do the C.A.A exams??? Cheers.

11th Aug 2004, 23:52
You haven't been able to get an Irish ATPL or a (presumably UK) CAA ATPL for some years. You can, however, get a JAR ATPL issued by the Irish authority or the UK authority.

Apart from the possiblity of getting a UK IMC rating (a UK-only rating) the differences are negligible. They're both JAR ATPLs and can be used within JAR-lala land.

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