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Genghis the Engineer
11th Aug 2004, 15:19
Does anybody know who in the UK sells these, the little wooden plaque with the "High Flight" Poem and a pair of wings on the front for hanging on the wall?



You want it when?
11th Aug 2004, 15:29
I could tell you but Camel Pilot would crash into me like a ton of bricks for advertising!

However if you search on Google for "High Flight plaque" without the quotes then a few US firms come up., the first one seems an exact match for $20 + P&P

PPRuNe Pop
11th Aug 2004, 18:02
With both guns blazing! ...................however, I have a much larger version in a frame that was bought for me which I want to sell to swell the PPRuNe Fund. This is because I have one already.

12th Aug 2004, 09:27
The RAF Museum used to sell largish stylised posters of this poem. They cost about three quid. My school had one on the wall and they look a treat when they're framed. The only about them was the RAF eagle (like the ones on Officers caps) which inhabited the centre of the first 'O'-not to everyones taste.

Edit: they're six quid now! The code is PS-N1-PPZX :( (you need to go to their website)

12th Aug 2004, 10:32
Alternatively method used for MadsLads 'graduation' present was I printed a copy off the internet and got it framed at a local picture framers. Personalised touch, you know.

The Swinging Monkey
12th Aug 2004, 15:33
PPruNe Pop,

If Genghis dosn't want to purchase yours, may I ask how many spondoolies you want for it??
Kind regards
The Swinging Monkey

PPRuNe Pop
12th Aug 2004, 18:01

It was bought Duxford in their shop. If you can find out the price there I will be happy to do a deal for the fund. It has a very 'butch' frame and is about 12 x 18 I would think. I'll do a measure.


Genghis the Engineer
13th Aug 2004, 19:37
I have no desire to buy one myself, I've got one on my office wall which was given to me as a present. One of the chaps I work with spotted it and wanted to know where to get one - as a present for his son who flies Tornados I think, and I didn't know.


John Farley
14th Aug 2004, 17:24

Have you checked the back for a label? Mine has full details of a UK source so email me if you want to know