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11th Aug 2004, 12:17
I have not used Monarch since the re-organisation of paid meals.

How is this bedding down.

Are the stock of hot breakfasts enough to satisfy clients ,sorry pax, needs.

I am planning a LTN-AGP next month, for six of us, and was thinking of the KFC, family tub (from the airport) for our in flight catering. Is this possible, as I don't wish to rish not being fed, when the family are wanting food, this guarantees food. Can I keep the tub in the overhead locker, or must it go under the seat.

Many thanks,


11th Aug 2004, 13:12
Eww, sounds horrible!

Imagine the stink in the cabin and all the grease sloshing round everywhere...


Why don't you just buy sandwiches -- much less anitsocial, much less mess and better for you.

11th Aug 2004, 13:33
Correct me if Im wrong but I was under the impression that only Moncarch Scheduled was a pay bar, the charter services should still provide food!