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9th Aug 2004, 22:14
Anyone know much about this Aviation course at Leeds?

thinking of starting in september 2005 if i go, i'll also have a PPL by the end of this month.


11th Aug 2004, 09:18
am i posting on the wrong board?

11th Aug 2004, 09:32
No I think you've posted in pretty much the right place. Well, technically it should maybe be in Professional Pilot Training (including Ground Studies) but that's just nit picking, its still a wannabe question.

However, I'm afraid I can't answer your question, as I don't know anything about this course. Does it include any flying training or is it purely airline and airport operations?

To be honest it really depends on your ultimate aim. If you want to become a professional pilot but also want to go to uni, then I can't think of a better course to do than one such as this (I believe there's a few similar ones offered across the country).


11th Aug 2004, 12:33
Can't draw from personal experience but I know one person that has gone to Leeds to do the course, and someone that has done a similar course in London. I don't know the exact details of the leeds course, but if it follows along the veins of the London course, then you will obtain your ATPL's as part of the course which can only be a good thing.

Also it will show that you have always been interested in it as a career and should stand you in pretty good stead for later on...

Tell us all if you do go, and what the course is like..

11th Aug 2004, 17:20

Check your private messages

13th Aug 2004, 17:45
Ive just finished my 1st year, an i couldnt reccomend it highly enough!

Leeds Flying School are great!


E-mail Dylan and Im sure he will answer any technical/administrative questions you might have about the flying side of it.

The university is amazing....they couldnt try an help you more if they tried!If u want to know something....about anything really....its easy to find it out. We're taught by Flying Instructors/Visiting pilots/airport directors etc and a lot of other very experienced, very specialised university staff. The course covers everything shown in this link and so much more!


E-mail the university for any specific details, and I would b more than happy to discuss personal experiences involving both the uni and the city itself!! I wouldnt want to be doing any thing else right now tho!

"recommend" (sorry...typo) before the inevitable student-not-being-able-to-spell comments are posted....

13th Aug 2004, 18:35
In the course at Leeds can you complete your ATPL? I have been looking at the one at Liverpool and it looks very good,

Could someone post a list of all the universities which offer similar programmes, leading to an ATPL?



13th Aug 2004, 19:01
Not as a part of the course directly, no. It is a PPL that is gained by the end of the third year (hopefully the end of the second year tho) However the theory that is taught in the second and third years go a long way to taking you to the point at which you would be able to leave and take the ATPL exams with considerable confidence.

There arent many unis offering this degree, its a BSc (not a BEng), in AVIATION TECHNOLOGY. The engineering courses tend to be, by their very nature, much more mathematical etc.....good for some I spose?! The Leeds course focuses much more on the actual flying and HOW to fly the plane, the BEng, correct me if Im wrong, focuses on the ins and outs of WHY the plane flys. Although we learn this also, it is not in as much depth.

A big reason Im at Leeds is baecause at the time I believed, and still do believe, that it is the only one of this type in the country. Sheffield were talkin about starting one soon tho I think as Leeds is heavily over subscribed.

The UCAS directory should list all the aviation courses tho, engineering or otherwise....I remember Southampton and Coventry did areonautical engineering... sorry i cant help anymore than that. I did look at all those courses, but decided that a hands on flying course sounded much more attractive to me.

13th Aug 2004, 20:49
sorry about the delay, it took me a while to find this board again.

thanks to everyone for their replies

pre3mhjt i think that i've spoken to dylan before on the open day back on june the 25th, he was very helpful but i wanted to get students opinions as opposed to lecturers trying to get you on the course.

as i almost already have my PPL i wont be doing that on this course so i'll be on the management option if i go.

mike, do you know anyone with a PPL already that went on this course?

i'll have a look around on the web for other similar courses and post them here later



ok here you go


and a lot of aeronautical engineering courses here


14th Aug 2004, 17:34
Well i`m on the course and just completed my first two flights.

after a bad week of weather, but the views from 7000ft and training towards the future is great! Really good motivation for the next year! and reward for the last years work!

there are plans for a masters degree which will go to do the ATPL`s but we will hear about this in the future.

but as to my opinions on the course do it now!

from Glider12000 sat at Sheffield City airport!

17th Aug 2004, 21:01
They fly out of Sheffield City and seem to be there from opening time thru' closing time (the airport, not the bar) whenever I'm there. Give them a call and ask .... Airport 0114 201 1998

19th Aug 2004, 01:26

do you mind me asking what your offers were from the universities?

and good luck with your results! im awaititing AS results, only 8hrs to go lol.

29th Aug 2004, 03:10
congrats on getting into your first choice uni. I too am very pleased with my results - 4 As :D

As my main goal is to go on to ATPL training and there appears to be no other route than to self-fund, I am planning to go on and study Veterinary Medicine and work as a vet for a good few years. Then I may reconsider dping my ATPL when I ill be in a position to self-fund.

However I am still going to apply to one of the aerospace courses as one of my back-up options.

Good luck with your course.

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