View Full Version : HELP !! Advice please on the best route to a ATPL for my circumstances.

Dan 98
8th Aug 2004, 09:16
I have recently started my PPL after having spent the last 3 - 4 years thinking about leaving my current career which I loath Medical sales!! and taking the plunge with an Integrated course to get a frozen ATPL. I have started the PPL to just get some flying experience and to help me make my mind up whether to go for it, I'm 30 so feel that I need to make a decision soon. Having now done some flying I'm getting the bug and want to go for it in early 2005, but I need to sell our house ( I dont have rich parents !! ) and take a painful amount of money out of it. I have looked into the Integrated course at Cabair ( anyone got any comments ?) however my PPL instructor has advised that Modular may be a better route for my circumstances ie: 30, married and a 3 year old. I currently live in Suffolk and was planning on selling up and relocating to St.Neots Cambridgeshire to be near Cabair. I know the Modular route is cheaper ( very appealing ) but i would be very interested in anyone else's experience / thoughts as to which way is best and if Modular is best any reccomendations on Ground schools / CPL / IR etc..... For example can you really work when doing a distance learning course for the ground exams ? Bristol Ground school has been recommended ( anyone got any comments ) I would really appreciate anyones advice who has done what I'm thinking of doing.
Many thanks


Capt. J
8th Aug 2004, 09:19
Make sure you don't pay up front. Sorry, not much help. Good luck!


8th Aug 2004, 13:31
Dan 98

Have you thought about the States or South Africa for your PPL and hour building. I know it may not be the best option to go overseas if you have a family but its ALOT cheaper. I wouldnt recommend doing hour building in the Uk because of the cost and the weather will take you a lot longer to fininsh. I myself will soon being going back to Ireland to work and do my ATP through Bristol. I havent started yet but have seen some of the study material and it looks really good. South Africa is an excellent place to hour build because its cheap, the training is excellent and the weather is really good.
Hope this helps...
Ciao BL

Dan 98
9th Aug 2004, 07:19
Thanks Birdlady, South Africa might be a problem for me, but Bristol GS sounds like it's a really good choice, my PPL instructor did his exams their and cant recommend them enough.

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