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7th Aug 2004, 11:23
Can someone advise me. If one member of the same family of a party of two travelling together on a non changeable, non refundable ticket etc, is unable to travel, does that mean the seat can be resold at the last minute, or does that seat still belong to the non travelling person.

If it still belongs to the non travelling person can the other party have access to that seat for extra space? I know he cant have two boarding cards but can that seat be blocked off?


7th Aug 2004, 14:16
This is why airlines over book flights. If someone dosn't turn up at the checkin then that seat is technically empty and useable. Just hope its not a full flight because you can strech out a bit then.

7th Aug 2004, 20:16
To answer your question, no. The seat can be resold by the airline. It's not like a hotel which, if you have guaranteed your room, cannot re-sell it as technically you have access to it until check-out time the next day. Once a passenger has failed to turn up when the gate is about to close, the airline can offer the seat to anyone standing-by, be they revenue or non-revenue passengers.

9th Aug 2004, 13:58
A party of two travelling together doesn't have guarantee of side by side seating so the empty seat might end up somewhere else (like the middle of a 2-3-2 row) rather than beside you, even if not resold.

9th Aug 2004, 14:02
What about fat people who buy two seats? Not much good them being separated is it? Or the people who buy two seats for the extra baggage allowance (on some sectors cheaper than the excess baggage or shipping it).

9th Aug 2004, 21:27
What about fat people who buy two seats? Not much good them
being separated is it? Or the people who buy two seats for the extra baggage allowance (on some sectors cheaper than the excess baggage or shipping it).

To purchase an "Extra Seat" for a variety of reasons - either a person of ample proportions or a musician with accompanying cello or jeweller with chained briefcase containing precious stones etc, the ticket for the "Extra Seat" must be purchased at the full fare for the cabin selected. Only a full-fare ticket issued in the name of "EXTRA SEAT" will guarantee the seat remains empty.

10th Aug 2004, 12:43
That may be the BA policy, but it is by no means universal. I know that a relative of mine recently travelled UK-US with a friend on VS and they were very happy for them to buy three seats between them (all at the same mid-discount price) and block a side-row of 3 for them. This was still significantly cheaper than two Premium Economy seats.

surely not
10th Aug 2004, 17:12
christep, I think the question was speculating on a full flight. If the VS flight had empty seats, as the one you refer to seems to have had, then it was customer servie that allowed the additional seats to be set aside. On a full flight that would not have happened.

11th Aug 2004, 05:35
The tickets were sold and the seats reserved well in advance and once they are sold I would be very surprised if Virgin would renege on the deal.

11th Aug 2004, 09:47
christep - I stand corrected. My earlier response used to be the procedure universally among airlines participating within IATA.

Post 09/11, a lot of "procedures" were waived/amended in order to encourage "bums on seats" or to to gain a little extra revenue.

The interesting dilemna for Virgin would have been if your friends' flight had been cancelled and they had been "re-routed" with another airline. Would Virgin then have stumped up the Full "Y" fare for the empty seat one wonders?

You're dead right - The Bearded One never reneges on a deal and neither do his companies. I rather think VS would make a loss rather than go back on their word!

12th Aug 2004, 23:30
Ok being slightly sarcastic here, but without photo ID how does Mr. or Ms. Extra Seat get checked in on an airline where photo id is required? As surely if the extra seat was booked for baggage allowance reasons the "passenger" needs to check thier luggage.

P.S. I have been told of Mr. D. Bass being a regular traveller with a musician friend. :D

13th Aug 2004, 15:48
Mr F. Horn?
Mr F. Stratocaster?
Miss Harp?
Miss Viola?

OK, OK, it's Friday afternoon ...:zzz:

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