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6th Aug 2004, 14:08
Question re: WWII vintage RAF goggles:

Recently watching the Battle of Britain on DVD couldn't help but notice that most of the pilots wore not the well known MK VIII goggles, but a version with a larger metal frame( and what appears to be a hinge for flip-down sun visor?).

I have a pair myself and have often wondered about their vintage. Have tried the standard Google search, and on PPrune but failed to find anything.

Any experts able to identify the type, and confirm when they were in use, and is that indeed for a flip-down sun visor? (Wouldn't mind getting one for my own).

Cheers H

6th Aug 2004, 14:30
"Have tried the standard Google search"

Maybe you should try the standard Goggle search :cool:

Mk.IV - First issued 1940: The third type of goggles used during the Battle of Britain and specially designed for the type "B" helmet. Black painted brass frames with split glass lenses in hinged housings which open outwards. Leather padding over the nose area. Large sprung cord side loops to fit around the helmet earcups. Leather back strap. Without the detachable polarizing flip shield (it was common practice for pilots to remove this device).

6th Aug 2004, 15:01
Thanks Wub. Is there a website with the info? However I don't recognise some of the features you mention. eg mine are blue paint over brass frames. Also have a blue elastic (from memory)strap, certainly not black leather. Mine also has a central knurled nut(s) for allowing the fit of the goggles to be adjusted, ie wider, angled. Maybe mine are a later version. Must watch the film again and pause to compare mine with those on the film and your description.


ps Just found a picture of the ones you describe wub, and they are definitely not like mine, nor do they look like the ones in the film (google on 'f-223 pilot's googles' to see them). Certainly never seen any like them before.

Ex Oggie
6th Aug 2004, 17:45
I don't want to incur the wrath of the 'Mod' for advertising, so I won't name any names. Try doing a Google for flying helmets for sale, flying goggles, Irvin etc. etc. and view the results in the image page.

You would be suprised at just how much history some of the commercial websites have in their pages. Its a cheap and free research resource.


9th Aug 2004, 12:59
Thanks Ex O

Looks like they are MK VII from circa 1942. My search had failed by looking for pilot's googles, not flying goggles. Shows how using a different word can broaden the results.

Cheers H