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Grob Driver
6th Aug 2004, 08:28

I just wondered if anyone had any photographs that I can either buy, beg, steel or borrow of Auster T7 VX927 during her days in the military (661 & 665 Sqn AAC).

Many thanks

Grob Driver
(Soon to be Auster Driver!) :D

The Swinging Monkey
6th Aug 2004, 14:12
I have it on good authority that VX927 was with 651 and 661 sqns AAC (never 665 to the best of my knowledge).
Good luck with the Auster, I'm sure you will love her!!!

Kind regards
The Swinging Monkey

PPRuNe Pop
7th Aug 2004, 07:40
I am trying my best to find some OLD pics taken in 1953/6 when I was with 661AOP first at Rollestone on Salisbury Plain and then at Kenley. I was not a pilot then but flew in most of the 7's. Got a lot of boxes to look through! I came to own a 6 in 1985 G-ATDN. A great aeroplane the Auster.

Vick Van Guard
10th Aug 2004, 20:15
Grob Driver

Try the A J Jackson collection (do a search).

I have just checked the website and there is a picture available of 927.

I managed to purchase several pictures of my Auster from Roger Jackson, including a cracking shot of her in front of the tower at Croydon.

If you ask him nicely he may even be able to give you a bit of history of your machine. :ok: