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6th Aug 2004, 06:08
Recently we flew from Vancouver to London by Air Canada. I must say the new interior was great, seats comfortable and the on board service was just excellent. There was a fly in the ointment though. When we booked we were expecting to be in Victoria the weekend of departure, and indeed the Victoria departure was cheaper even though we actually had to change planes at Vancouver! As it happened our kids exams were moved (date) and we were no longer going to be in Victoria so we asked AC if we could join our itinery at Vancouver. "Well that would be up to Air Miles," (we were using our Air Miles for most of the cost.) Air Miles said they'd love to but it was an Air Canada rule that we could not. Neither of them would give an inch, so it seemed we were going to take a needless ferry, pay out for an overnight stay, (since the ferry could not be relied on, strike imminent) to get on a plane to get back to Vancouver. "If you don't join the plane in Victoria your whole itinery will be cancelled without recompense, go and read our conditions of sale" (Air Canada.)

24 hours before we were due to go the Ferry people said they were going out on strike for sure and a chap at AC changed our ticket, in about 15 seconds flat. So why the big hassle?

Tonight my 16 year old, who has been in France for five weeks was coming back from LHR on Air Canada to Calgary, and then WestJet back to YVR. He called from the tarmac at LHR (Persuaded a fellow passenger to let him use is cell phone!) " We're going to be 3 hours late, don't know why but we have not taken off yet." We called Air Canada. and explained about his onward flight. "If it is not Air Canada it is not our problem." Well, we asked, as he is going to miss the last Westjet flight perhaps you could give us a special on the later AC flight that he could catch. "No deal, the price is $285 and there are seats." We explained that $285 was about a hundred more than the cost return on Westjet. "That's not our problem either, we're a full service airline, now do you want the $285 seat or not?" (What service is that?)

We called Westjet, a really nice lady listened to our story. "Well, we're dreadfully sorry we don't have another plane tonight but we'll put him on the first plane tomorrow." We had already checked and late booking for that was more expensive. "Oh we'll waive the extra and the rebooking fee, we like to be helpful in these circumstances."

Damn, now I'll have to write another letter (second in three months) to Westjet thanking them for their service and commenting on how great their staff are.

As I said, air crew at AC are great but don't the rest of their staff get it? Marketing an airline these days is a campaign for the hearts and minds of the travelling public. Guess who is winning around here?

10th Aug 2004, 17:32
I believe most of the AC admin/office/res staff are from Montreal.

Enough said ?