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Ranger One
5th Aug 2004, 23:34
John Gorman?

He was in the news a few times when I left this Scepter'd Isle about ten years ago... was in 'Private Eye' quite a bit.

Extraordinary tale, chap complained about swallowing a piece of glass in his drink on a BA flight, claimed compensation... and allegedly a most extraordinary campaign began against him... malicious phone calls, eventually traced by BT to BA security offices and Heathrow police station! Beaten up & maced in his home, 'No win with BA' sprayed on his car, documents stolen... a scarcely-credible story, except for the hard evidence of the phone traces.

No clear motive was ever suggested for the harrassment, except that homophobia may have played a part (he was gay).

Never found out what the outcome was, always been curious. Anyone prosecuted? Did BA settle or did it go to court? Was the chap diagnosed a genuine lunatic? I can't find anything on the net, except for a reference to a PCC complaint.

(asking here instead of 'questions' forum as that's flight deck stuff and this relates most closely to SLF. Mods, move it if you feel somewhere else is better.)



6th Aug 2004, 12:10
Try this

Ranger One
6th Aug 2004, 12:47

Thanks, but that's the PCC reference I already found, where a paper tried to portray him (unfairly, from the sound of the PCC report) as a 'serial complainer'. Still doesn't actually tell me what the outcome was with BA and the harrassment - there was supposed to be a court case.

I believe he got criminal injuries compensation for the assault...


6th Aug 2004, 14:16
Fair enough

I did find this one too