View Full Version : Excel at RHO

Checked No Pressure
5th Aug 2004, 03:41
Can anyone tell me what happened at RHO with Excel tonight? 2 successive Excel aircraft arrived within 20 minutes of each other and both requested the police on landing. Once maybe but 2 seems a little careless (thank you Lady Bracknell)!?;)

5th Aug 2004, 06:39
Just a few pax probs! XLA3084 BFS-RHO, disruptive passengers threatening the purser with violence, and XLA3060 BHX-RHO pax passing 'suspected' illegal substances in the cabin. ACARS sent to ops and police arranged to meet a/c. Just another day in the airline world....


London Jets
5th Aug 2004, 16:12
I was on the AEU rhodes last night and we had the usual smoking and the latest mile high club members on board!! must be something about Rhodes!!!


Checked No Pressure
6th Aug 2004, 00:42
Thanks guys - and they told me that Rhodes had quietened down this year after all the bad press!

Still it is nice to know its not just my lot that get the awkward squad as pasengers.

6th Aug 2004, 18:36
nick the lot of them. bfs pax area a nightmare. at the working class level both tribes rank in the lower ranks of the bottom feeding creatures.

as for brs, but they are alot of pierced drugged up druids, so no surprise there then .

....then there are the scousers....etc..etc......:}