View Full Version : Separate logbooks - FAA / JAA?

Skydrol & Tonic
3rd Aug 2004, 20:51
I read on another post that one of the contributors to this forum always ran a separate FAA and JAA log book. I'm heading off to the US for FAA IR & CPL before returning to the UK to convert to JAA equivalents, and would appreciate some advice on whether this approach is recommended/to be avoided.

What are the benefits/pitfalls in doing this?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Genghis the Engineer
4th Aug 2004, 19:22
It's only going to get you confused- everything except tests is valid in both (and even then, an FAA test is valid JAA hours, and vice versa).

Just make sure that the logbook you are using covers the minimum requirements of both.


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