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3rd Aug 2004, 20:27
ladies and gents,

I have an interview/aptitude tests etc at the above named establishment later this year.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone that has already been through the selection, could give me an insight into what is involved, what kind of questions could be asked etc etc.

Thanks for your time,


3rd Aug 2004, 21:59

The following may be of use to you


The real test is coughing up the 92k.. good luck and enjoy Jerez:ok:

4th Aug 2004, 08:59
Without doubt the biggest test will be if you can come up with the necessary extortionate amount of cash. I can hardly see the management at Jerez saying "Well, I can see you've got 80,000 odd euros but your maths isn't quite up to scratch so not this time old son". It's just marketing bollocks so you'll feel great when you pass then happily hand over your hard earned coin.


5th Aug 2004, 18:13
thanks guys for your replies.

I expected the answers would be along the lines of 'if youve got the money there not going to turn you down'

but i wouldnt mind some more help from anyone thats been through the selection, i still want to do well in the selection, even if they are going to let me in whatever im like.

thanks guys

6th Aug 2004, 11:37
FTE are well down on the required student numbers - if you pass the aptitude tests I would haggle for a discount.

Their price is ludicrous and must go some way towards explaining why they are short of trade.

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