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long final
3rd Aug 2004, 12:48
Can anyone explain what I need to do in regard to keeping my FAA CPL current? (i.e. bi-annual proficiency check) I have called two schools today and still have not received a conclusive answer :sad:

Thanks for any help,


Charlie Zulu
3rd Aug 2004, 15:23
Hi Long Final,

You require the same as any other FAA pilot does... a BFR.

This is every two years and is a flight of an hours duration going over maneouvers of *your* choice together with an hours worth of ground school. The instructor has to endorse your logbook to say this has been completed.

However any FAA checkride such as an IR or Multi checkride counts as a BFR.

Other than that you need to keep your IR current by the required approaches, holds etc within 6 months / 12 months or an IPC.

Plus the 3 take offs and landings within 90 days to carry passengers (paying or non-paying).

Best wishes,

Charlie Zulu.

long final
3rd Aug 2004, 19:58
CZ, thanks.

I am still waiting for two schools to call me back with that info and a price/date for completing it.

Must be too busy :)



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