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2nd Aug 2004, 12:09
looking for advice from anyone that has ever done an FAA commercial on a twin engine aircraft.

I have almost completed the course with around 20 twin hours and have the check ride very soon. I come from a CAA background and have never done any FAA flight tests/oral exams before. I am slightly worried about it as my knowledge of the US system is not great having never done the private course. I am reading through the commercial oral guide but finding it really hard to understand all the different and confusing weather forecasting facilities. If anyone can offer me a glimmer of hope I would appreciate it!!

2nd Aug 2004, 18:59
Hey there,

If your in the US at the moment you could give me a call. I used to teach the Multi/IR rating for 2 years, whatever thats worth.

Anyways it is not really that hard a ride. I guess the main thing for you being from the CAA/JAA would be the addition of the oral.

Are you doing the IR add on or just the straight VFR CMEL?

Have you done the CSEL? If not you will also get some of the Reg questions as well.

For a straight multiride when the person has already got the CSEL. We used to teach for Orals:

Get Hold of the PTS and have a look through that.
Buy the Jepp Multi Engine book. Know it inside and out.
Have the AFM/POH for your aircraft. Know it inside and out.

FAA fun topics of the moment:

Runway incursions, Coversion factors (Feet to Meters, Temp C to F) CFIT They are all in the front of the PTS.

Specific topics for multi:

Critical engine factors. (Torque, P-factor, Spiral Slipstream, Accelerated Slipstream) Always good if you can draw these.
What other things can make an engine critical.
Does your plane have a critical engine.
Counter-rotating, Contra-rotating, Conventional Props.
Fly-weights, counterweights, Dome pressure(where would you find it) What gas in the dome?
Control of the props, Oil in and out, how does it effect it.
What happens if you lose oil pressure.
What type make of engine(s) do you have.
Pressurisation. (How the parts work in the system)
Oxygen systems (3 main types)
Flight Controls. How do they move. What type.

Peformance: You should go in with the Data already plotted. He/she may then ask you about different things with the graphs.
Absolute and Service ceiling for Multi and Single engine flight what do they guarantee.

Vmc Demo: Explain, This one you will have to fly.
VYse demo: Explain, This one you will have to fly for MEI ride.

Maybe asked to brief other manouvers. Slow flight etc.

Wx for the day: Hows it look will we be able to do all the manouvers.

Weather charts: Buy the FAA weather white&blue book, "Aviation Weather Services" & "Aviation Weather"



Buy Online:


The white book will answer most if not all questions about the weather.

Anywho, I have to go out for the day, going to be a tourist at the airplane graveyard in Tuscon.

If you need anymore info just post the question on the board.

Also asking your MEI might be a good place to start? I assume that you have an MEI? You will need at least 3 hrs in the last 60 days to get signed off.

Have fun studying, as usual I am sure that there is stuff that I missed I am sure that some of the other people can help.


Right I am out the door.

3rd Aug 2004, 12:40
Thanks minus273 for your comprehensive reply. I have sent you a PM.


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