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1st Aug 2004, 17:38
Just noticed when I logged on to my Exec Club account that there is now an option to buy BA Miles, it's on the account detail screen after you have logged on, so sorry cannot post a link.

Prices start at 13 for 1,000 miles up to 255 for 15,000, looks like you can buy up to 15,000 in any calendar year, if I have read the terms right.

A useful way of topping up the account if you are a few miles short of being able to book that exotic trip with the beloved..!


3rd Aug 2004, 12:57
Now, if we could also buy points...


Final 3 Greens
3rd Aug 2004, 13:39
Well you can, in a manner of speaking.

What do tier points give you? on BA priority check in and lounge access, rather than frequent upgrades.

Therefore if you:

(a) get an Exec club blue card, you can check in online the day before and drop your bag off (in my experience, you're normally directed to a club desk if the traveller queues are horrible and there is not dedicated bag drop.) You can also access some pretty nice Y/M seat allocations this way.

(b) buy a Priority Pass, which gives lounge access (non BA) at most airports.

I reckon this is a pretty good way of making the travel experience more palatable.

17th Aug 2004, 18:31
Final 3 Greens: (b) buy a Priority Pass, which gives lounge access (non BA) at most airportsOr, if you are particularly keen on access to AA, BA, QF and US lounges when flying those airlines, buy a Qantas Club membership at a similar price. Absolute bargain - did it for years before the points allowed free access.