View Full Version : Where do Ryanair put the sickbags?

1st Aug 2004, 09:27
Just a thought, now that ryanair are cost saving to the extent of not having seat pockets, where do they put the sick bags???? Surely they don't let people be sick on the floor and then get it cleaned on turn a round. Just curious

1st Aug 2004, 09:45
Good question!

They would propbably just give them out on demand.

Legally the only item you need by a seat is a safety card, so as they are putting that on the seat back I suppose the need for seat pockets has really become extinct!

1st Aug 2004, 10:45
maybe they are available from the cabin crew... for 1 each! ;)
I wouldn't put it past Ryanair charging u to be sick!

bacardi walla
1st Aug 2004, 12:04
ah ha, so that's why the floors are so dirty these days :yuk:

1st Aug 2004, 12:54
small pilot - they would probably charge you for the cleaning fee too!!:yuk: :yuk: :ouch:

1st Aug 2004, 13:43
I flew VIE-MAN a few weeks ago with Flighline (a BA franchise?).

No sick bags or magazine available.

1st Aug 2004, 14:40
They have additional voluntary crew placed in toiletts to serve sick bags if required....:ouch:

1st Aug 2004, 15:13
Just like your local bus company.

1st Aug 2004, 19:07
No, you must notify them at the time of booking that you wish to be sick. Failure to do so, will result in a 40 surcharge.:E

1st Aug 2004, 19:14
mind you, they are trying to get rid of baggage all together!!!!!

4th Aug 2004, 11:43
Has anyone been given a palatable snack yet on Ryanair?? Maybe that's where the airsick bags go.... Just a thought.....

:yuk: :yuk: :bored: :}

5th Aug 2004, 09:30
As far as I know there must be 1 Safety Card per each pax seat (free of charge) , otherwise it is not legal to fly.

5th Aug 2004, 12:06
otherwise it is not legal to fly

Since when's that made a difference to Ryanair :p


5th Aug 2004, 12:59
I see they are also advertising on the cover for the oxygen masks.

5th Aug 2004, 13:01
Is it a cigarette ad? :)

6th Aug 2004, 11:50
Flew with Ryan on sunday and they use a combined sick bag and photoprocessing bag (one per seat). What they dont explain is what happens if you are sick and then want to get your photo's done. Presumably, chuck up, then chuck the film in the sick.

They also had 1 very tattered mag per 3 seats (all about venice), an 1 safety card per seat. The menu was a sticker on the underside of the overhead bins (1 per 3 seats) and the removable cloth head thing on the back of the seats was sponsored by a well known chocolate brand. As for food, they have started doing hot cheese & ham rolls which are pretty good.

7th Aug 2004, 08:16
Panic's over!;)

7th Aug 2004, 13:41
otherwise it is not legal to fly

Since when's that made a difference to Ryanair

How about justifying that comment with some facts?