View Full Version : Flying along the early Qantas routes in Australia

31st Jul 2004, 10:30
Hello all,

If this sounds like a great opportunity to re-live the early Australian pioneer aviator routes then make plans to come down under and be a part of the annual Base to Base Outback Flight.
The flight raises money and awareness for the Royal Flying Doctor Service here in Queensland Australia.

We are away in two weeks time, but don't dispair it's an annual event, so make plans now to join us and fly through the Australian Outback while being a part of something worthwhile and being among friends and like minded flyers.

Expect to cover around 2000nm in about a week. Take turns flying a sector on board the Tiger Moth while the rest of your travelling friends follow on board Piper's and Cessna's etc.

Its a great event and we would love to see you from the UK and the continent.

For further details, www.basetobase.org