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30th Jul 2004, 17:56
A friend asked me why the window blindson aircraft have to be up for take off and landing?? why is this? i cant think of any specific reason. mayby you can help me . thanks.

Final 3 Greens
30th Jul 2004, 18:01
The explanation the pros normally give on the forum revolves around the need to help passengers relate to and orient themselves to the external environment more easily in the event of an evacuation.

This is also the reason why the lights are dimmed.

Tightslot will probably give a better explanation in due course ;)

30th Jul 2004, 18:04
Not all airlines require the window blinds to be open for landing/takeoff. THe airline im currently with require the windows to be open ONLY if the passenger doesnt mind. But my previous airline it was a must do.

The reasoning is very simple. Should something serious occur during these times then it is easier for the passengers and crew to be situationally aware of what is taking place outside the aircraft. I worked a flight with my old airline where some ingnorant man huffed and puffed about having his window blind open for takeoff...well I tell you, he was happy he did open it when he was first to notice and therefore tell us that smoke was coming out of the engine just before the take off run!

So just remember when your sighing at a crew member asking you to do the most petty thing in the name of safety....this small thing could just save your life!!! :ok:

B Fraser
30th Jul 2004, 19:09
I once got moaned at for opening the window blind and gawping at the spectacular morning view of the Tibetan plateau en-route to HK while the other SLF were trying to kip. Hells bells guys, we were at FL410 on a gin-clear day cruising past one of nature's miracles. There's an eye-mask in the seatpocket if you don't like daylight and would rather sleep.

Thanks again to the hostie who blagged me a ride all the way around the plateau and down through China in the cockpit of a Cathay 747-400. :ok:

30th Jul 2004, 22:15
You can find previous discussion about this HERE (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=83660&highlight=windows+blind) although the thread goes walkabout after a few posts (as has almost happened on this one):p

The good folk posting here before me are pretty much spot on.

Both pax and crew can see any problems developing immediately, both prior to and during an evac
Post evac, others can see in
In daylight, after an electrical failure, cabin emergency lighting may be enhanced by light coming through the windows
In a smoke filled cabin, the glow from a window row may help orientate the visually confused

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody could come up with other reasons that I'm not yet familiar with, but these are the ones that apply chez nous