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Always Late
29th Jul 2004, 20:43
Is it ever possible to find out why lots of flights get cancelled all at once?

I was going on the 18.35 bmi Edinburgh to London on Thursday 22nd July. It was delayed by 15, then by 20 more minutes, because the inbound aircraft was delayed, apparently. However, we could see it sitting outside, waiting.

Then it was cancelled altogether - apparently for "security" reasons. People who we had seen getting off it nearly an hour earlier (it was NOT delayed) were still waiting for their bags to come off it.

Once the bags were got off, surely the security reason was cleared and and the flight could have set off, albeit an hour or so late. Instead we had to wait for nearly 3 hours for the next plane down and got to London after midnight, missing the evening out we had booked.

Nobody explained anything else to us. If they had warned us earlier, we could have got on an EasyJet but as it happened, the EasyJet and four other flights were cancelled and three more were delayed by more than 3 hours.

Why won't they explain what the real reasons are to passengers? It's so condescending to say "security" or "operational" reasons.

29th Jul 2004, 21:46
Hi Alwayslate,

More details can be found here;




Always Late
29th Jul 2004, 21:56
Oh excellent, thanks FS!

30th Jul 2004, 18:52
So you were all sat around near the aircraft whilst a bomb alert was being handled? Are we getting that blasť nowadays that it "has to be a hoax"?