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29th Jul 2004, 13:08
I want to visit Vancouver next year and thought it would be easy enough to upgrade with my KLM miles to business.Unfortunately after trying all through mid Feb to June unable to get outward and return flights within a 2-3 week window.
So the other option is flying direct Manchester - Vancouver with Thomas Cook on a A330-200 and paying for the so called premium class.
What I want to know is:-
1.Is it really extra leg room and seat width?
2.Is it worth it?

29th Jul 2004, 23:22
I wud say in my opinion its worth paying for the extra!

TCX A330's are very nice aircraft and i would say the extra room in premium is well worth it,


30th Aug 2004, 21:07
i have just returned from flying prem.

very good,

Priority Check In
Priotiry Boarding
33" seat pitch
wider seats
3 course meal
inflight entertainment
free amenity ket
free drinks.

so on

2nd Sep 2004, 21:41
Yes more room (leg and width), worth every penny, just don't expect business class levels of comfort offered by scheduled airlines.

3rd Sep 2004, 03:42
So as described by topjet330 that sounds like normal economy on a scheduled airline with a medium level of frequent flyer status. The pitch is pretty average for economy, never mind premium (what on earth do they give you in "non-premium"?)! AA across the pond would give you 36" in coach (although you'd have to pay for alcoholic drinks).

3rd Sep 2004, 09:55
I had a look at doing a long-haul charter once, and concluded that it would have to be in the premium cabin or I wasn't going. This cabin (on Monarch) was also basically only fractionally better than most scheduled economy - and the charter config in the back was unacceptable.

We went on EK instead.

3rd Sep 2004, 19:41

Can only echo those above, what topjet describes is normal basic economy on a scheduled flight by say Virgin or BA,

Regards, SD..

3rd Sep 2004, 23:08
Just to add my $0.02
I suppose all main UK charter operators have more or less the same product, so I'm elegible to write my opinion :)

Flown MyTravel(Airtours) longhaul (on A330) last month in Premiar Gold and would say that it is really worth to pay something like GBP 260 per person return.

First you can do an early check-in in the eveing. Or you have a choice to join a 3-hours long waiting with everyone else in the morning.

OK there is no business lounge but it is quite understandable

Then you have priority boarding which is nice (although checked baggage with PremiarGold labels was the last to appear on the conveyor at destination!!!)

You have a welcome drink (althouth not a champagne, just water/juice) and free headsets.

Then the most important thing. I'm 194 cms tall and 105 kgs. My Travel A330 Premiair Gold is 2-3-2 layout leather seats with a reaonable (a bet 34-35") seat pitch. I fell really sorry for big guys traveling in economy because it is 3-3-3 layout (wow) and seems to be about 30" seat pitch. A nightmare really for those who are big men on a 10 hours flight.

Food and all drinks on-demand (otherwise you will pay GBP 2-3-4 per shot) are to complete the picture. As mentioned in previous posts it is like a good economy class on scheduled long-haul services plus little extra. Gbp 260 is not a small fee (I think you can buy UK-US ticket for that) but if you not pay it you will have a nightmare story to tell...

4th Sep 2004, 09:33
cargo one and the rest - think you all need to try first choice airways long haul next year with the new cabin roll out on the 767.

the 'economy'seats on here beat anything inc premium the other charter boys can offer - and for legroom chem first choice against virgin economy. lets see who trys to follow first choice airways lead.

roll on the 7e7 and even more !