View Full Version : advice on pilot training in india

28th Jul 2004, 19:09
Can any guys give me info on training in india? There are numerous flying clubs but dont know which ones are good.Please help me with feed back
my mail id is [email protected]<hidden>

28th Jul 2004, 19:28

Are you an India citizen? I am not sure if there are many private flight schools in India. Last time I was in India there were only two private schools (AAA and Orient).

If you are not an Indian citizen you cannot go solo in the Indian airspace. You can do the dual training but I dont think that will do you any good if you are planning to train towards your CPL.

I suggest looking for schools in USA, South Africa, Australia, Mauritus or New Zealand. You may want to look in to some of the EU countries if you can afford the cost.

I hope this helps.

Good luck,

:D Jatin

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