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28th Jul 2004, 16:28
As Liverpool doesn't have a dedicated fear of flying course i'm looking to start one.

I have done a lot of back ground research into what other people offer ect. I have an aircraft at my disposal (even though it doesn't fly anymore! :* ) (www.jetstream-club.org)

Actually getting the people into an aircraft and taking them on a flight is something every one offers but do you think that is something that has to be offered?

Would you say in small groups of say between 9 and 12 is better because people meet more people like them, or a one on one or one on two basis is better?

I have set up an e-mail so I can be got hold of it is: [email protected]

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or any flight crew willing to offer advice or support would be greatly appreciated too!


P.S: I am not looking to make money off the course, to break even is cool, I just love helping people, and meeting them, and chatting about flying ect. Hence me volunteering at the Jetstream.

28th Jul 2004, 16:46
Yea, I have had a really good chat to the lady who runs the BY one, we were on the phone for an hour +. She said we could use the 757 the BY course charter if we wanted, and we would be charged per head. The only problem is it is from East Midlands Airport!

28th Jul 2004, 18:20
Jesus! Could you imagine that! That would errr...shock em!