View Full Version : Baggage delays at Liverpool

24th Jul 2004, 08:26
Arrived at John Lennon last evening from IOM. Airborne for 27 minutes, baggage eventually arrived on the carousel 47 minutes after parking. No members of staff in the baggage claim area, so nobody with whom to query the delay (except Special Branch looking for Ossama BL, who said that this delay was typical). Only one other aircraft arived during the period.

Is there not a requirement for a member of staff to be around as part of the airport duty of care? There were children playing about by and on the moving carousel and no member of staff to warn of the dangers.......the parents were ignoring the problem!

Clearly it is a low cost airport with a low level of customer care!


25th Jul 2004, 09:12
... on the other hand. On Sunday 4th July I flew into Liverpool from Berlin at 1704, out into the departure area at 1716 and out of the car park at 1722, having a cup of tea at home at 1756.

4th Aug 2004, 23:18
A 10 minute delay for me to collect my bags at LPL, however I also noticed kids playing on the carousel prior to the warning bell.

No staff at all to be seen anywhere in the area. :eek:

5th Aug 2004, 07:21
Was it ever "Thus"........surprised the carousel was still there....not been nicked!

Helen49: When you made enquires I don't suppose you heard the mortal words: "Not my job mate" goes with the theme:*