View Full Version : Aurigny Pax injured by smashed Trislander window

23rd Jul 2004, 16:56
Report on BBC here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/guernsey/3919621.stm) two pax taken to Hospital - cuts - caused by 'a rubber anti-icing cover from the propeller' - supposedly 'very very rare'.

White Knight
24th Jul 2004, 06:14
Yes. It is very,very rare. Many years and thousands of hours flying for these Tri's and this is a first.

24th Jul 2004, 06:16
Not as rare as you may think, and it is not the only item which can fly off the prop area into a window.

24th Jul 2004, 07:41
We once flew into a bunch of seagulls on take off at Shoreham in an Islander. One or two went through the disc, some were killed, one of which banged through the second row window into the lap of a lady sitting there - window as well!

It was quite a mess. The lady was not hurt but showed remarkable calm with what must have been a helluva a shock.

The aeroplane was a mess too!

24th Jul 2004, 11:21
Looks like one of the pax has suffered a serious hand injury (http://www.thisisguernsey.com/code/shownewsarticle.pl?ArticleID=011696) but the pilot handled things well.