View Full Version : Vulcan to fly again

21st Jul 2004, 08:44
As an Associate member of some years back I was suprised to get some post this morning informing me that the Heritage Fund has given the VTS nearly 2.5M to get 558 flying again.

So, thre may yet be another air display worth going to when we get her back in the sky.

Wonder how long before someone hatches a Concorde To the Sky appeal

London Jets
21st Jul 2004, 11:02
Great news about the Vulcan, I can't wait to see her again. I was RIAT at the weekend and the Vulcan to the sky stand were hoping for a first flight by the end of 2005 and on the display circuit for 2006 with an aim to operating her for 10 - 15 years before retiring her to Duxford.

Have a look at www.save-concorde.co.uk for the Concorde to the Sky appeal!! By the looks of things the idea is already in the pipline!!


22nd Jul 2004, 15:21
This just keeps going!

The HLF have not given anything, they have allotted the funding as long as the VTS lot can raise the partnership funding, which to date they have not done!