View Full Version : Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition, London, July 2004

19th Jul 2004, 15:21
Has anybody been to this event this year?

I was wondering if its worth attending and if are you able to buy warbird paintings at reasonable prices ?

Thanks in advance

20th Jul 2004, 14:57
Tiger Mate

Great link, thanks. Some wonderful pictures there, really wish the exhibition hadn't been so far away.

If only I had the money..........:sad:

Personal highlights, if I may:

"A farewell to Heathrow", Chris French. Interesting view of Concorde

"Express delivery", Alex Hamilton. Love the Mossie and what amazing clouds he paints.

Ronald Wong's modern day jets. Very often painted in a dull and unexciting fashion. Nice to see someone do justice at last.

Oh well, Lottery again on Wednesday.:D

20th Jul 2004, 17:06
The Exhibition is to move from London to the Midland Air Museum at Coventry which should help those who miss the London Exhibition. It will not be the full Exhibition but should be worth a visit. The Museum at East Fortune (Edinburgh) usually do similar, but there is a lot of Concorde associated work going on there and I do not know if they will have a similar exhibition this year. Dates for Coventry are 23 Aug - 4 Sep. The GAvA exhibition at Cosford has been extended and paintings replaced with new ones (or rather will be shortly).

There is an exhibition of military if not aviation art to be held at FAA Yeovilton in september, so one way or another the Aviation Art roadshow should be available to most people within resonable distance, except Northern Ireland who always dip out on these things.

Ex Oggie
20th Jul 2004, 18:39
Thanks for the reminder, I hadn't seen this years gallery. Great stuff!

Anybody know what Roy Layzell is up to these days? He is an old Air Force buddy and I think he still owes me a pint!


Warped Factor
20th Jul 2004, 20:24
Am going on Thursday.

Went for the first time a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, would recommend anyone else visit if they're in the area.


23rd Aug 2004, 17:10
The Exhibition opened as scheduled today (23 Aug) and will run until saturday 5pm. Entrance to the Art Exhibition is included in normal Midland Air Museum costs. I reckon there must be over 200 works to be seen but failed to pick up a cataloque. For that matter I didnt see any cataloques to pick up, but some folk seemed to have a list and each work is numbered. The exhibition is being held in the hangar where the Huskie helicopter lives. The Folland Gnat and Mig 21 have been put outside for a short while. In summary, I went, I saw, I thought it worth the time and effort.

PPRuNe Pop
23rd Aug 2004, 17:30
It is a very nice site TG, but I am afraid you are breaching a big rule on PPRuNe concerning sites that have items for sale we do not promote them. I cannot, therefore, allow it and have removed the link - sorry. If people want to know about it some of the wording is enough for them to Google. That's the best I can do.

They can advertise on PPRuNe if they want but not for free. To be tiresome, as some view it, PPRuNe costs a very large sum of money to run and Danny has to get his money back somehow, but everyone using it gets it for free.