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18th Jul 2004, 19:20
Flying BA NCW to New York in a couple of weeks. Return flight is 'new' sleeper service. I've been told the pre-flight supper is little more than standard Terraces fare (sandwiches etc.), and there is no on board catering available. I'd be surprised if this were true, surely BA must be offering more for this 'new' service.

Any one experienced this? Do I need to visit McD's before boarding?


18th Jul 2004, 20:13
Hi southdowns,

Yes it is true,:(

The supper on board is a baguette type thing with hot cocoa ( cookies available mid flight) and breakfast on board.

The full pre flight dining takes place in the lounge before boarding ( what you get will probably be dependent on the airport you fly from)

YYZ did have a limited buffet layout which I assume would cover those evening flights

I would either allow time to get to the lounge before the NYC-LHR flight or of course the McD's!!:rolleyes:

Virgin does offer the choice of the snooze zone ( no meal and dine in the lounge) or the full catered section) whereas it it all sleeper zone on BA.

It does seem strange to me that the Y pax will get meals on BA but NCW ( premium pax) will need to rely on the lounge prior to departure.

Good luck!!



18th Jul 2004, 22:17
Strange it may be, but this is exactly what our frequent customers told us they want!

They want to sleep on these overnight NYC-LON flights. If you fly CO metal, EWR to LGW, you're lucky if you get 2 hours shut-eye by the time the five courses, and the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream has been served.....(of course, if you have indigestion, you won't sleep at all!)

(You can't possibly turn in until after the Haagen-Dazs - you can't miss such a treat!!!)

The 8 hour flight is usually completed in 6 and a half hours due to tail winds, leading to a lethargic and jet-lagged feeling on arrival in London - not conducive to a successful day of meetings at all!!!

BA has attempted to address this with the pre-flight dining - an optional facility we had at Gatwick donkeys years ago for our evening long-hauls - Nairobi, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro / Sao Paolo and Dar Es Salaam. As I recall, our Business and First Class clientele enjoyed our initiative and our hospitality!!!

19th Jul 2004, 08:18
southdowns: I've been told the pre-flight supper is little more than standard Terraces fare (sandwiches etc.), and there is no on board catering available.No, it's a hot meal, served buffet style as for pre-flight dining at present. There is some onboard catering, but much reduced. But don't forget the chance for a slap up breakfast in the Arrivals lounge at LHR when you get there.

If I were ever fortunate enough to have a NCW ticket to NYC, that's exactly what I would want. Although as TBS rightly says, Y pax get offered a meal, I cannot remember the last time I ate a Y meal on the way back from the east coast - I try to be fast asleep long before the bar trolley comes around, as every minute of sleep is precious on those flights.

20th Jul 2004, 23:46
Any word on whether the reduced inflight service will lead to reduced crew level on those flights? Or do they still need the same number as presumably the westbound flights inflight service remains the same.

21st Jul 2004, 08:56
The crew still have to deliver 'breakfast in bed' and therefore less crew would defeat the object of a speedy pre-landing meal....n'est-ce pas?