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16th Jul 2004, 09:57
what do u think about:


I am thinking to do the MCC course with this FTO on the Airbus.
If anyone has done his training with this organisation and has some comments, please send me a privat message.

I am not interested to hear people telling me to do a cheap MCC.
I have forked lot of money on my modular training, It is not 700 pounds more that will do a difference in my wallet, but I consider the fact that I will be trained on a "real airliner" (EFIS, FMS, high tech A/P).

I have looked for some MCC on Beech aircraft(I have flown turboprop aircrafts, so I am not very interested), or with Oxford. And other organisations are fully booked or too expensive (MCC +a special "housing training" to get more cash from you) .

Jetlinx seem a very good option.3400 pounds for 20 hours sim on the A320 (and ground school included).

www.jetlinx.co.uk (http://www.jetlinx.co.uk)

16th Jul 2004, 11:18

I am also considering going to Jetlynx, once I have completed my IR. It was recommended by on of the flying instructors that works at he FTO I am training at. On that basis, I think I will take the plunge.

I think the only negative comment was they tend to schedule you in for training early morning, however, I don't really see that as much as a problem.

Have a good time.

16th Jul 2004, 12:58
As has been said before, on numerous occasions, the type of aircraft used on the MCC course is irrelevant. The quality of the instruction is infinitely more important.

In the case of Jetlinx, the instructors are, without exception, current airline pilots - go figure.

16th Jul 2004, 19:46
Did the MCC through Jetlinx on the 757. Quite simply it was excellent the most fun I have had spending 3K! The instructors are brilliant, bags of real world experience and even make the groundschool part interesting! Only thing I wish you had to renew. On a serious note if you have the spare cash or room on the plastic do it. Yes it is only a tick in the box but one that can be fun and rewarding. Do your homework, learn what you can beforehand about the a/c and more importantly the Jetlinx SOP's which I received previous to doing the course. :ok:

17th Jul 2004, 06:21
I did MCC with Jetlinx back in March on the A320 and was very impressed with the course. As mentioned before learn the SOPS! Before you go anywhere near the sim, as it will allow you to get much more out of the sim sessions! All being said it is a great opportunity to taste what airline/multi crew flying is all about on advanced equipment and I believe it to be good value for money.

17th Jul 2004, 10:06
certainly its good value for money.it is VERY good!

20 h for 3400 pounds, 170 pounds/hour

considering a full type rating costs 20'000 pounds for 30 or 35 hours,the average cost is 700 pounds/hour.

it is why I still do not understand guys trying to get the cheapest MCC when for once in their life, they can have the opportunity to fly a high tech aircraft(airbus or boeing) and be closer of the reality. (is it not what Oxford says in their commercial?, "how close of the reality you want be??")well, jetlinx is much closer of the reality than Oxford!

I will certainly not miss this fantastic opportunity.

17th Jul 2004, 16:11
Bear in mind that if you are training on an MCC at 0200 hours you are:

a ) not at YOUR best
b ) operating against the requirements of JAR FCL which prohibits MCC training being conducted at "anti-social" hours.

17th Jul 2004, 17:23
Define not at your best. 3 year old daughter at home....me away in LHR even at that time of night/morning it was the best sleep I had for ages! More seriously anti-social hours...this is the world of aviation, come to terms with it. JAR-FCL forgive me while I yawn!

17th Jul 2004, 17:32
thats right,!!! in an airline you wake up at 3 am to be at 5 at the airport, at 6 or 630 u take off.
if u can not do a sim session at 0200,do another job.
usually a sim has to turn 24h a day. I know an air france pilot on the a320 who go to the sim at 0200.

17th Jul 2004, 19:26

A Type Rating is not 20k for 35 hours in the sim.

There is the small matter of 2/3 weeks of groundschool and base training (5-6 takeoff and landings in the real aircraft £100/min once you take into account approach fees and aircraft hire...)

Full motion sim price is around 350+VAT per hour plus instructor at about £70/100. Divide this in half for two people.

These are rough estimates, but you get my drift..I am not criticising jetlinx, just that sims are not 700 per hour per person as you suggest there are always two PF/PNF paying..

I have only heard good things about Jetlinx so would definately go with them.

17th Jul 2004, 20:52
Skyman: "thats right,!!! in an airline you wake up at 3 am to be at 5 at the airport, at 6 or 630 u take off.
if u can not do a sim session at 0200,do another job.
usually a sim has to turn 24h a day. I know an air france pilot on the a320 who go to the sim at 0200."

absolutely true and I have done enough 0400hrs departures in my time to know what it feels like.

It is a fact of life that at 0200 - 0600ish you are not at your best unless you are an owl or possum. You are also under training and paying for the privilege rather than on-line and being paid.

Trained is one thing, training is something else and the pressures are different. If you want, they can also give you a two hour delay for flow control and lose your bags, to make it more realistic!

Regardless of what we think, JAR FCL specifies "not at anti-social hours" - but each to their own and spend your money where you wish.

19th Jul 2004, 14:06
Does anyone have the JAR.FCL reference number for the anti-social hours regulation?

20th Jul 2004, 11:17
the antisocial ref number is 9/11 BLAIR!

in a social country, averything is antisocial.:
take breakfast before 0800 is antisocial,work more than 35hours a week is antisocial ( thats for france ).Drive 40 minutes to the office is anti-social.

there are so many worker protections, that you only non anti social attitude is to be unemployed and stay at home all day sending CV. But this is considered anti social too.You suppose to be employed or on vacation (or retired or dead).

Delta Wun-Wun
20th Jul 2004, 11:59
Oh dear!.....I feel sorry for the Jetlinx MCC Instructors. It would appear that they may have their work cut out!!;)

20th Jul 2004, 12:53
It is/was in the IEM part - but for the life of me I could not find it last night.

To be honest, it probably doesn“t matter as long as the customer is happy with the deal he is getting.

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