View Full Version : Manchester airport dirty restaraunt terminal two

12th Jul 2004, 20:02
I was in terminal two at Manchester airport this morning monday the 12th july seeing my brother off to Australia we went for some breakfast after check in and frankly i was appalled at the state of the place there was paper dirty cutlery and even trays of uneaten food on the floor looked like it needed a good mop too. Tables were in need of clearing people were having to clear tables themselves i think i will eat at home before i fly in September really disapointed i have always liked the airport but let down today i can only imagine what its like where we cant see .I think maybe they need some more staff :(

Land After
12th Jul 2004, 23:20
This was the Holiday Which best UK airport this year. I wonder who handed out the rose tinted specs to the inspectors?

MAN has been a building site for the past few years, now the majority of the work is complete we still have unworking travelators, convoluted routes up and down stairs to reach departure gates (T1), dirty and expensive concessions (T1&T2) and security staff that have been cut to the bone, together with their wages (how to motivate your staff?).

The only haven seems to be T3 which is mainly business travel with BA & BD do management know that they can treat the bucket & spade brigade with contempt and get away with it?

12th Jul 2004, 23:55
This was the Holiday Which best UK airport this year
Maybe all the others were even worse.....:yuk: