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11th Jul 2004, 22:52
Hey folks...

This might prove to be a completely silly question but I'm a bit confused regarding the different CTC sponsor schemes. I've got two different pages offering about the same thing. First there is http://ctc-mcalpine.com/ that, apparently train pilots for EZY amongst others. Then we have http://www.ctcaviation.com that also seems to be training pilots for companies in a similar way. Now to my actual question(s). Are they both co-operating or are they competitors? Is one better than the other? Someone who knows?

Vee One...Rotate
11th Jul 2004, 23:25
There is the CTC Cadet Scheme and the CTC ATP scheme.

The Cadet scheme is for those with little or no flying experience (see the entry requirements on the website). It is an ab initio scheme which will give you a fATPL, type rating and a very very good chance of a job after all that training, with one of the airlines participating in the scheme. A bond of 60k is required.

The ATP (Airline Training Partnership???) scheme is for those already with a commercial licence and involves type rating training and av ery good chance of a job afterwards. Not sure of the cost.

I know little about the ATP scheme to be honest so take the above with a pinch of salt - I've researched the Cadet scheme quite abit so am confident on the above regarding that.

The company is the SAME for both schemes (they're subsidiaries I think) - the different schemes are designed for a different demographic (one is for wannabe school and uni leavers, the other for those who are already pilots).

Either way, both schemes aren't cheap and the competition is fierce.

Hope this helps,

V1R :ok:

P.S. Just checked your profile and see you have a CPL - I imagine the CTC ATP scheme is the one of most interest to you...if you are looking for something like this.

12th Jul 2004, 09:43

12th Jul 2004, 10:10
OK thanx guys, that helped quite a lot! :ok:
Now, if I understand this right, somone who already has completed basic training (ATP-theory, CPL/ME/IR) should apply to the ATP course att CTC aviation. One that has no or little experience should apply to McAlpine's cadet scheme where you need to pay a cash bond of some $60.000, right?

Vee One...Rotate
12th Jul 2004, 18:57
That's correct - I'm hoping to apply to the ab-initio scheme and one's like it some time next year.

Best of luck,


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