View Full Version : BA LHR - Cape Town cancellation

Niaga Dessip
11th Jul 2004, 21:31
Just wondering if anyone is able or prepared to shed any light on the cancellation of this evening's BA flight to Cape Town from LHR. Not journo - just personal reasons; unfortunate start to Master Dessip's Honeymoon in view of onward connections (no pun intended!)
These things happen, just curious.


11th Jul 2004, 21:43
Can't say too much but it's not cancelled, just delayed - estimating out in the morning...

Niaga Dessip
11th Jul 2004, 22:45
Thanks for that Nigel. Sounds intriguing. They apparently were told something about the unavailability of an aircraft which seems a bit surprising at BA's home base. Anyway, they are all tucked up comfortably at the Hilton.

13th Jul 2004, 13:40
Possibly due to a new Engineering system (EWS), which by all accounts won't release spares from the stores if there is a 'y' in the day......:ouch: