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11th Jul 2004, 20:55
Thinking of flying off to Sydney (oz) in November.:cool:
Would anyone like to tell me who has the best cabin service, seat pitch etc.
I will be flying in economy unless they take pity on me and give me an upgrade:sad:


Pax Vobiscum
11th Jul 2004, 21:33
Hi Cagney (is that Christine or Jimmy?), welcome to PPRuNe.

Are you going 'non-stop'? If not, the stopover destination may be a significant factor in your choice. I'm sure others can comment on Emirates vs Singapore (I hear they're both very good).

Personally, I've had no grounds for complaint with QANTAS economy (but it's not been the best I've ever encountered either). One advantage of QF is access to cheap internal flights (if that's a factor for you).

Have a good trip!

12th Jul 2004, 18:38
Welcome to PPRuNe from me, too.

Is there any particular reason why you've alighted on Emirates and Singapore Airlines as choices? Would you consider any others?

If you are thinking about Emirates, you must be warned about one thing. You will probably be flying on their 777s. These are configured 10-abreast in economy. Virtually all other scheduled airlines have a 9-abreast configuration. So the back of the EK bus is squished, although they try to compensate for that by a little deeper pitch (ie slightly more legroom).

I flew to the Maldives (LHR-DXB-MLE-DXB-LHR) on EK a couple of years ago, fortunately being able to avoid the 777 for all but one sector. That was definitely the least comfortable of the lot.

You will also want to have a look at the flight routings. Many EK flights have two stops to Australia, although there are now increasing numbers of one-stop flights because of new equipment they have which can do DXB-Aus non-stop. Singapore Airlines will be non-stop to Singapore, and then almost certainly non-stop to your Australian destination.

12th Jul 2004, 20:37
If you have to do the route in Y, then either Thai or Malaysia has a better seat pitch than Singapore and better width than Emirates. Thai probably have better food and alcohol but no IFE, Malaysia has IFE and reasonable food/alcohol offerings.

12th Jul 2004, 21:17
Thanks for the reply's so far, I will have 2 night's stop-over each way.
And just for the record it's Jimmy:p

13th Jul 2004, 00:50
Have flown both EK and SQ, the EK777 in Y class is indeed 10 abreast - terrible, also service was nothing to write home about.
I travel SQ a lot and the short sector from SIN to BNE or SYD is very bearable in Y class. SQ operate the 744 to SYD and from September will operate both the 777 and 744. Depending on aircraft type the IFE is now on demand.

13th Jul 2004, 13:37
Have flown to Perth a few times with Ba, Qantas and Malaysian. The last carrier was by far the best for service.

14th Jul 2004, 18:41
hello,the sydney flight with Emirates will be direct from dxb,and its on the spankin new a340-500,where the ife is on demand and is excellent,nice plane that one

15th Jul 2004, 20:55
I flew to SYD with JAL via NRT in Feb this year and have no complaints atall. Excellent and efficient service on all sectors and a brilliant stopover in Tokyo. Not only that, but the NRT-SYD-NRT sectors were half empty meaning loads of extra room......Aus via Japan is still a bit of secret (while thousands trundle thru the stresses of BKK and SIN!).

19th Jul 2004, 20:24
Well Guy's,
Just to let you know, booked my flight to Sydney this morning and i will be flying Singapore Airlines:ok:
So if you're on SQ327 on the 7th November I'll be the one with a big smile on my face:} .
Thanks for all the info.


19th Jul 2004, 20:46
SQ for me although last time I went SIN-SYD was 777 and not as good as 744. I must admit we travelled in business and I would definitely recommend paying the extra if you can manage it. Stopover will help with tiredness. I have flown EK though only LHR-DXB and that was the 330 which is horrible whichever logo is on the tail imo.
Enjoy Oz, it's fabulous

surely not
23rd Jul 2004, 11:36
I flew DXB-SIN-SYD last year with EK. Excellent service all the way and the leg room was adequate for my 6' 1" frame.

The cabin crew were excellent in the way they looked after the cabin.

I have also flown with Malaysian and can confirm that their service is also top class.

24th Jul 2004, 02:27
For future reference, particularly for business class then CX via HKG is worth a look. Also Virgin, which starts flying via HKG in December. Qantas routes that way too and you could probably get a Qantas ticket which went out via SIN and back via HKG to let you have two different stopovers.