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6th Jul 2004, 09:22
Hi all.

Just had a look at RYR website, and can't work out whether you're allowed to bring a laptop bag with you as well as your hand luggage. Does anyone know?

I'm guessing as it's RYR it's going to be a 'no' :)



6th Jul 2004, 13:20
Sometimes yes, sometimes no....

It's one of life's little mysteries.

6th Jul 2004, 15:51
On paper, 1 Item of hand luggage means 1 Item.

However you will find most check-in agents will allow you to carry a backpack and a laptop on as hand luggage.

Mike Blackburn
8th Jul 2004, 04:24
Have to agree.

The only thing more inconsistent than FR hand luggage policy is the weather! Have travelled many times with backpack on and lugging laptop bag. Sometimes got away with it, sometimes not. Best plan is to try ensure that all really valuable stuff in your laptop bag, so if the agents get shirty, then can simply check in the day pack. Beware also of the 15kg baggage allowance, which is also very variably applied. Got hit for 60 quid at Hahn last time - almost every passenger was shelling out extra dough. Kind of hurt though, since we had only paid about 40 pounds for the tickets..... Rulz are rulz though.

8th Jul 2004, 18:33
This was reported on BBC Radio 4's 6pm bulletin...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/ram/news_6pm.ram ... the item starts 22 mins in

MOL's latest idea is he wants to do away with check in desks as if you could just buy your ticket online, print off your own boarding pass and just turn up at the airport and walk straight down to the gate it would be a more "steamlined" process and "less stressful to passengers"

So in future there could be no checked baggage on Ryanair just carry on. MOL says since the fares start at just £5 you can buy new clothes at your destination. :rolleyes: Oh and skiers can hire equipment at the resort instead of taking their own. :rolleyes:

Ireland's answer to Gerald Ratner???

8th Jul 2004, 21:29
In principal it could work as a new concept.

People don't like change. If this does happen sure the customer will decide with their wallet.


St Saviour
8th Jul 2004, 21:31
More like Ireland's answer to Atilla the Hun! Read THIS (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=136314&perpage=15&pagenumber=1) if you're looking for the proof!

9th Jul 2004, 06:21
I do now wonder whether Ryanair will still be around two years from now . I think the fleet will certainly be smaller but then again , he is just treating his pax just like modern management treats it's staff !

9th Jul 2004, 07:01
More on this latest Ryanair proposal here:

Optical Illyushin
9th Jul 2004, 08:02
From BEagle's link I note the following:

"But you can save so much with Ryanair you can buy your hair dryer when you arrive."

Since when did a haidryer ever "tip" the balance so that you had to check in your hand luggage. Bit stupid to put just a hairdryer in a big suitcase and check it in..... Then of course you'd have to leave it behind anyhow cos you wouldn't have the ability to check it in for the return journey. Unless of course the rest of your hand luggage contained drugs you shifted on at your destination leaving you space to squeeze in your new hairdryer for the return!

Earlier this year, Ryanair said that it was also hoping to cut costs by ordering new aircraft without window blinds, headrests, seat pockets or reclining seats.

So the next thing is to order aeroplanes without holds huh? Err he buys so many aeroplanes maybe he could get boeing to design something from scratch that doesn't have holds at all like maybe a shorter embraer....

Think he's lost it!

9th Jul 2004, 09:33
Apologies if this has been done before. I heard Michael O'Leary on the radio last evening explaining the new policy for the eventual removal of check in desks from the Ryanair operation. He stated that individuals would be able to afford to buy new clothes when they arrived because Ryanair's prices are so low.

As someone who works in the aviation industry and who has children, I believe that this is the issue that takes Ryanair over the edge. It is impossible for families to fit enough baggage into a carry on bag. Additionally, it must increase the chances of a Health and Safety incident on board the aircraft - individuals will, no doubt, vastly over pack their hand luggage with potentially deadly consequences.

I was considering flying from Blackpool to Luton on Ryanair in the next couple of weeks; I'll stick with BMI from Manc.



Land After
9th Jul 2004, 10:00
So the next thing is to order aeroplanes without holds huh?

Oh-no, I can see where this is going. Hold class only £1 each way + Taxes

Lee-a-Roady Moor
9th Jul 2004, 10:01
All very well buying new clothes on arrival, but how do you get them home then.................:confused:

9th Jul 2004, 10:14

Didnt you know, Oleary is just confirming that we now live in a throw away society..:hmm: :rolleyes:

bacardi walla
9th Jul 2004, 10:29
on the basis you saved so much money with FR, you buy new clothes at the other end then FEDEX them back to your home at the end of the trip. easy......

9th Jul 2004, 10:44
I can't see MOL flying around with empty holds. Perhaps we should prepare ourselves for a cargo subsidiary as a new revenue stream. Small freight specialists, be very afraid!

Seriously, although I've never liked your man Michael, I've always admired his business acumen. He's blown it with this one, though. There just won't be room for all those filled-to-capacity bags in the lockers on high occupancy flights. Imagine 140+ pax boarding in the usual scrum with some finding their overhead areas filled with safety equipment.

Spare a thought too for the retail outlets at Stansted. Who is going to buy anything prior to departure if the only bag is full to bursting? I suspect BAA will have a view on that.

It will all end in tears.

9th Jul 2004, 11:05
Two things occur to me on this issue:

1 - can you imagine the in-cabin chaos as a full complement of passengers try to stow their hand baggage? A potential source of delays & air rage methinks.

2 - the hand baggage is increased to 10kg allowance. That's a big heavy lump with which to be hit...

Lee-a-Roady Moor
9th Jul 2004, 12:50
skydriller: Ah! Should have thought of that...:=


Bacardi walla: Perhaps FEDEX might even be able to purchase hold space from MOL on favourable terms...:ok:

Land After
9th Jul 2004, 13:48
Advance negotiations already started with FEDEX:


9th Jul 2004, 14:11
MOL's advice to those who may want to pack more was: "I could go away for a week and not need much more than a toiletries bag. Instead of packing a hair-drier, why not buy one when you get there?" He also suggested that you should buy new clothes at your destination...

If I am to go on a 7 day break with Ryanair, it would take my missus 6 days to find a hairdryer that she liked the color of....

Not to mention the missus's clothes shopping....

Boss Raptor
9th Jul 2004, 15:17
After reading very recent incidents/statements by MOL - such as this and also the debacle he is having with his pilots as detailed on R&N - I am seriously beginning to believe he is on the verge of having a breakdown and/or going insane...I say this in all seriousness his (personal) behavior/actions is becoming very obsessive/irrational/provocational/confrontational and all the more incomprehensable as time goes on!

Time will tell?! :uhoh:

I for one can no longer accept this is just MOL's revolutionary (but apparently unpopular) forward thinking in our industry!? :confused:

9th Jul 2004, 15:33
I heard MOL was at Lasham the other day taking a particular interest in the gliders.

You have been warned;-)

9th Jul 2004, 20:31
I honestly think the same Boss Raptor. Reminiscent of initially sucessful politicians who eventually get carried away with their own success and power. MOL is losing the plot rapidly and may well end up driving RYR spectacularly into the ground.

9th Jul 2004, 21:48
A friend of mine was at an Institute of Directors conference a month or two ago at which MOL was speaking. Apparently he said that he was planning to do away with all fees for passengers (travel would be free plus taxes) on the basis that the pax didn't take check in luggage. If they wanted luggage they would be charged a price per item (I understand the suggestion was in the region of £5-10).

Apparently he also said that he thought it would be reported as him banning luggage!

The rationale apparently is to make an effort to cut down on turnaround time.

Just reporting what I heard and I'm not in the industry, so not in a position to judge, but I would be interested in what the opinions are.

Boss Raptor
9th Jul 2004, 22:02
You can only cut turn around time down so far - as you can achieve dispatch reliability - before you start to erode safety/efficiency of operation - it is a finite position - and FR have proved before where they turnaround with pax. baggage still onboard (departing with it unloaded) that they are against that limit

Irish Steve
9th Jul 2004, 23:11
<<I heard MOL was at Lasham the other day taking a particular interest in the gliders. >>

Ok, lateral thinking.;)

If there's no need for a hold, and TPTB at FR are looking at different machinery, what's the liklihood of 180 or so sets of pedals being fitted under each seat to reduce the operating cost:E

I've not done a cost benefit of the advantage to be gained by pedal power, but you can bet your sweet life someone will before too long.

Then again, maybe not. Trying to make the thing do 50 kts on the way to the gate would probably double the turnround time, too many passengers wouldn't be able to get out of their seats;)

St Saviour
10th Jul 2004, 11:03
For those of you existing and potential passengers of Ryanair who haven't tuned into the thread in Rumours and News I urge you to do so now. This is an insight as to how things are there right now and believe me things are going down the sh!tter.

If MOL thinks he can ride rough shod over his staff THIS time he better think again! All have kept quiet for so long now so as to protect their own interests but the time has come. There are issues there that if become public the company will be in deepest darkest sh!t..... Oh yes there are skeletons in this cupboard.

You think passenger figures and yields are down now Mick? Look into those crystal balls again and look careful this time!

10th Jul 2004, 11:38
I received an mass emaily thingy from Ryanair stating that you can now change your flight details for a fee of *I think* £35. I deleted it so hence the figure might be wrong.

Didn't easyJet start doing this a while ago?

10th Jul 2004, 16:25
Daily Mail (yes I know shouldn't beleive everything they print!) says FR are going to phase in £50 charge for checked baggage from next year.

10th Jul 2004, 19:09
Lighten up everyone

MOL is doing what he does best, getting acres of publicity for Ryanair by saying something that some people find outrageous. Over the past couple of days they have had pages of newsprint re-enforcing the message that they are the airline constantly trying to cut costs and offer the cheapest product.

And is charging passengers for hold luggage such a barmy idea? If I donít travel with hold luggage, why should I subsidise those that do? Doesnít Ryan already charge for carrying golf clubs and surf boards? OK it may put of some people, but they are probably more the natural client group of full-service carriers in anycase.

10th Jul 2004, 20:25
Lighten up everyone

Having read "Rumours & News", it's that example of putrefaction, M O'Bloody-Liary who needs to "Lighten Up"!!!

In a few short years, he has successfully screwed up the industry, destroying AerLingus in the process, and forcing other carriers to scrimp and save. By his own scant regard for safety standards (his pilots have been accused frequently of attempting to jump ATC queues by crying "short of fuel" (Apparently this was MOL's suggestion to use bullying and harassing tactics when dealing with ATC)), he has tried to ensure that the reputable carriers compromise safety too!

Michael O'Liary has constantly flouted the Advertising Standards Agencies rules on "Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful" and has gained lucrative business traffic through deceit and lies (He had to be told not to advertise airports miles and miles away from the destinations they served!) If this country of ours had any balls, the fines he rceived for deceitful marketing would have seen him bankrupt years ago!!!

........The only Chief Executive in the world who treats staff, customers and suppliers with total contempt!!!:mad:

11th Jul 2004, 00:46
PeoplExpress (or however they spelt it) used to charge for checked in luggage I believe, but only $5 per bag or some such charge. Perhaps not too bad an idea, but FR's great mantra about allowing "the average European" to fly by providing such low fares begins to wear a little thin when one considers most people do take luggage with them.

I don't really think this will happen, probably just a tactic to prove to shareholders he is looking at cutting costs. After all, the non-reclining seat furore seemed to die away pretty quickly, and actually heard many pax prefer the extra room this provides!

Optical Illyushin
11th Jul 2004, 08:28
Lightblue touchpaper - even your pseudonym infers you are a wind up merchant!

And is charging passengers for hold luggage such a barmy idea? If I donít travel with hold luggage, why should I subsidise those that do?

So you rely on a wheelchair to get about do you....? Bet you're great to go out for dinner with! "I only had the chicken so there's my £4.28p".

Final 3 Greens
11th Jul 2004, 08:43
Lee-a-Roady Moor

Look at what the coach bus services do indistributing packages for the parcel carriers and then imagine what an arial coach could do.

That hold space could be a very profitable freight option.

Fester T Adams
11th Jul 2004, 11:37
The reason MOL has sprouted that he intends to phase all hold luggage out over the next few years is that the savings, hence lower fares, derived from his policies of flying to out of the way airports & internet booking have been fully exploited. Therefore he has to find other ways to drive down costs in what he sees as an escalating bloodbath between the airlines for market share. The talk of doing away with check in desks no doubt resulting in massive layoffs is without question another ploy to save money.

Up to now personally speaking I've found travelling with FR okay & bearable, not too much of a change from the flying experience of old & I often wonder what all the furore is about. I'm not disabled, couldn't care less whether I get free sustenance during a short-haul flight or not, love the convenience of internet booking, have never missed a connecting flight though have been delayed through fog & have usually arrived punctually. I couldn't care less about window blinds, head rests, seat pockets to be honest either. Though I wouldn't work for MOL in a month of Sundays & feel sorry for anyone who has to I've understood his rationale up to now but now to be honest I'm stumped. :confused:

This lastest debacle sounds like a move too far (or a shrewd ploy for cheap publicity), & if he's serious, guaranteed to alienate a huge portion of his customers. Mostly not always I travel with hold luggage when travelling with FR & from the queues & the amount of pax in baggage reclaim at the conveyor belts it appears that most other FR pax do too. Remember MOL doesn't just intend to charge for hold luggage but to phase it out totally, he obviously only intends to aim at a market who prefer to travel only for a day or two or three at the most which to me doesn't make business sense & I feel is very limiting & will alienate alot of pax.

MOL's comments about buying the things you need at the destination is pure irrational tripe, does he think his pax are so loaded that they can then disgard their new purchases before they board their return flight & that most pax have the time or inclination for shopping at their destination, I certainly wouldn't.

What even concerns me more is finding out that Stansted, FR's main hub & one that many pax use for connecting flights is prone to fog which obviously results in flights delays & missed connections, funny how MOL omitted filling in his pax about that, is it from these suckers that he's making his money when they miss their connections & have to pay through their nose for a last minute flight.

The more I read & learn about FR the more the idea of flying with them is becoming a turnoff, I'm beginning to feel like I'm playing a game of Russian roulette. MOL intends to turn the flying experience for pax on its head, almost totally unrecognisable from what it is at present & do away with what he deems as any unnessary flab that will cost the airline money. In doing so I fear he may end up shooting himself in the foot but atleast pax don't have to work for the one track minded (i.e. lower fares at the expense of everything & everyone) megalomaniac TG.

If rival airlines can offer me & others a product where I'm not charged for carrying luggage, do not have to undergo the danger of missed connections at fog prone airports with no chance of support & instead fly me direct at a competitive price without having to pay for transport from an out of the way airport to the city centre (has anyone else noticed the prohibited cost of the Stansted express & how FR conveniently ommitted it from the little book it produced for pax while printing most of the other prices for transport connections) then I will choose them.

When it all adds up against our favour I & many others will switch our allegiance. Pax can be as fickle, smart & devious as MOL, guess he hasn't copped that yet. :rolleyes:

11th Jul 2004, 11:53
I sometimes wonder if MOL's policies will one day turn pax back to the full-service carriers? That's if there are any left of course! :D I personally believe that those carriers who provide good basic service (comfortable and assigned seating, realistic hand and checked baggage allowance, provision of free assistance/alternatives following missed connections or flight cancellations), but simply charge for the frills (drink & food), will survive in the long run. The more recent and future Ryanair innovations (I use the term innovation guardedly) will, in the long term, drive the punters away.

11th Jul 2004, 14:24
Avman ..... it's here already and they don't even charge for the food and drinks . I can fly DUS-MAN return , fully booked on a scheduled flight three or four times a day for between e120 and e300 depending on the flights and when I book but on average e150 return . The words Airways and British are operative here!!!

11th Jul 2004, 16:03
It gets better.............................. NOT!! Sorry if you've seen this suicide note before.

Ryanair is aiming to drive down costs by banning passengers from stowing baggage in the hold next year - forcing them to carry only hand luggage, reported The Guardian.

In a move the budget airline claims will eliminate the need for check-in desks, chief executive, Michael O'Leary, said he hoped to introduce charges of up to £50 a bag.

"The purpose is not to make money from checked-in luggage - the purpose is to get rid of it altogether," Mr O'Leary said.

In future, he said he wanted passengers to print out boarding passes when they booked tickets on the Internet, allowing them to go directly to their departure gate on arrival at the airport.

Ryanair believes the change could cut Ä50m (£33m) from its Ä150m annual airport costs. It wants to work towards reducing its costs per passenger by £5.

Mr O'Leary said the need for luggage was simply a "state of mind" for many passengers.

"Will it piss off people who are going on a two-week holiday to Ibiza? Yes, it probably will. But we don't fly to those charter holiday destinations anyway."

The flamboyant millionaire revealed his intentions as he donned a snowman outfit in London to launch a "winter sale" of a million tickets, which will be available from today at 99p for flights between September and January.

In preparation for scrapping checked-in bags, Ryanair recently doubled its charge for excess baggage to Ä7 per kilogramme and increased the permitted weight of bags in aircraft cabins from seven to 10kgs.

The airline said less than half its 27 million passengers a year checked in luggage. Most were going on trips with a stay of less than two days.

Consumer representatives criticised Ryanair's plans.

James Freemantle of the Air Transport Users Council said: "It's disappointing that an airline would want to introduce a policy restricting who could fly on its planes.

"This reduces passengers' choice - especially for families with children and lots of bags who wouldn't be able to travel without checking in their luggage."

In a separate initiative, Ryanair intends to introduce in-flight entertainment next summer.

But the airline's strained relationship with trade unions looks set to take a turn for the worse after reports of a letter to pilots from a senior executive.

Warwick Brady, one of Ryanair's managers at Stansted airport, is alleged to have told cockpit crew that they "might just as well join the Taliban" than sign up to the British Airline Pilots' Association (Balpa).

Ryanair has always refused to negotiate with unions and has no obligation to do so in its native Ireland.

A recognition vote by Balpa among British-based pilots failed three years ago, but the union is canvassing for support for a second attempt once a statutory time limit expires this autumn.

11th Jul 2004, 16:23
At 7 euros/kg for excess baggage, it would be cheaper to buy an extra seat and have double the baggage allowance. However, does anyone know if a no-show pax can have baggage? I suppose you could claim you wanted to sit on a wide (i.e. double) seat.

The whole excess baggage matter seems just a money printing exercise. I wonder if the check-in staff get a %? Charter airlines are much more generous. Baggage allowance is one of the areas where ej has a massive advantage. When looking at the total cost of the trip, when carrying sports equipment, ej is often the cheapest overall. It would seem RYR might lose pax on this one.

Sadly, and this is not a RYR bash, but once this attitude of "cut costs in every area, no matter what" becomes ingrained in the culture, it can often lead to such nonsense that the opposite is achieved. Not enough in depth thought is given to the long-term.

Cutting costs in one area can easily lead to consequential rises in others which have not been considerd. It would be like having a squiggy jelly ball; you push it in in one place and it bugles out in another. You then push in the bulges, and guess what, it bulges out somewhere else.

Chuffer Chadley
11th Jul 2004, 16:25

I saw this crop up on BBC news a couple of days ago. It was so barmy that I thought I must have imagined it. Has MOL actually gone nuts?

Even if 2/3 of his pax don't check baggage, it still means he will lose 1/3 of his revenue, as people won't decide that it's better to fly Ryanair than take more than one change of pants.


BTW - good luck to all you FR pilots. The next few months will be interesting.


11th Jul 2004, 16:31
On real airlines, the passenger is charged for the seat and the bag goes free in the hold.

On O'Leary's airline, the passenger is charged for a bag in the hold and the seat is free. Well, almost.

Is there no limit to this madness? Just for how much longer can this man continue to abuse his staff and passengers before the whole pack of cards collapses. As surely it must.

11th Jul 2004, 16:45
I would have thought that there are a few safety and security implications in this proposal:

If everyone is carrying their maximum allowed carry on baggage there is a possibility that in an accident or heavy landing that the bags could fall on top of the other passengers.

It is one thing to scan hold baggage however the increase in large bags on an aircraft increases the possibility that weapons could be smuggled on board.

I am surprised the British Government D of T would welcome this proposal, but there again the Irish equivalent might agree to anything that Ryanair suggest.

I wonder if he has thought of changing to a "virtual airline"; for the price of a ticket he would promise to send a postcard home from anywhere in Europe. That way he needn't operate any aircraft, pay any landing fees or employ pilots.

11th Jul 2004, 16:46
So what would MOL do if (for the sake of argument!) a large group of individuals decided that they were all going to take the same week off and fly the FR network as many times as possible paying only for free or very cheap seats and take no luggage.

Surely if this was organised well enough in advance and with sufficient people you could get whole flights with minimal revenue for FR!!

Or am I missing the point, are some of the seats expensive even if you book very early?

Not that I would condone such activities :O

11th Jul 2004, 17:20
Personally I don't think it is as mad as it first seems you have to agree getting rid of the need for check in baggage can only help in the operation of the airline ie fewer delays, less possibilities of MTOWs, and a huge reduction in handling fees, protection from ground staff strikes etc. The only question is, is it going to have an impact on pax no's to offset the savings made, and to be honest I really don't think it will, you have to expect MOL to have done his homework on this one before dropping such a bombshell. But for cheap tickets, to get to holiday homes or short breaks or even biz meetings it is an acceptable price to pay.
I always look forward to announcements from Ryanair with glee to see how he intends to shake up the industry next. Hopefully he will spend the savings on better maintenance. The answer to how long he can get away with it is simple, until Ryanair make a large smouldering hole somewhere.

St Saviour
11th Jul 2004, 17:30
Hopefully he will spend the savings on better maintenance

That would be why he's recently INCREASED the times between ramp checks then.....?

Fester T Adams
11th Jul 2004, 17:45
Hopefully he will spend the savings on better maintenance.
I always thought that maintenance was the one area that MOL doesn't & knows he can't afford to scrimp on. Apart from the obvious catastrophic business implications far as I can recollect he has said something like "He wouldn't want an accident on his conscience', there you go, he has one. ;)

11th Jul 2004, 17:51
RAT5, this may help answer your question: a friend of mine booked an extra seat with RYR specifically to enable her to take a musical instrument (a trumpet) onto the flight. Not only did she succeed in claiming the seat but she also avoided excess baggage charges by claiming that the musical instrument had a baggage allowance as well!

11th Jul 2004, 17:53
Has anyone thought about the massively increased time to get through security when every passenger has the largest allowable bag stuffed to seam burst?

11th Jul 2004, 17:54
What happens if a passenger wants to to take a first aid kit containing scissors, cutlery for there self catering apartment, knitting needles for the grannies, razors or any other sharp objects which are currently being confiscated on a daily basis from security checks all over the world, how are passengers gonna get these items on board, some are essentials!!

11th Jul 2004, 18:18

I would imagine that increased queues at security will become the passengers' problem and that they will be required to turn up even earlier. There is bound to be a clause somewhere that disqualifies you from boarding if you do not get to the gate on time.

Less passengers = even more weight saving!

Pretty soon they will be saving a fortune flying around with completely empty aircraft.

Its all damn clever if you ask me.

11th Jul 2004, 18:36
He plans to 'lease out' the hold space to cargo shippers, thus opening an entire new revenue stream.

11th Jul 2004, 19:39
I found this quote amusing:
James Freemantle of the Air Transport Users Council said: "It's disappointing that an airline would want to introduce a policy restricting who could fly on its planes. This reduces passengers' choice - especially for families with children and lots of bags who wouldn't be able to travel without checking in their luggage."

Any company can do what it wants! Folks will then either continue to use them or go somewhere else. Others will use RYR for the first time. Someone said that MoL would have done his homework - you betcha!!

Incidentally, if he is increasing maintenance intervals, then he had better be very sure of his homework. It does not bother me as I never use him anyway but it might bother some pax.

11th Jul 2004, 20:46
You asked: The whole excess baggage matter seems just a money printing exercise. I wonder if the check-in staff get a %?

Yes some check-in staff get to earn quite a bit of comission this way.

12th Jul 2004, 07:37
There's no way Ryanair will be flying their 738s with empty holds in 3 or 4 years. That's far too much revenue earning space to be left empty.

I suspect this splurge of publicity is simply aimed at softening up passengers for the introduction of charging for checked baggage. That way Ryanair get to advertise even more £1.99 fares - even if the true cost, with a checked bag included, is more like £50. (Still cheap!)

Buying an airfare is much the same as buying a mortgage, or choosing a credit card. There's a multitude of factors to take into account, and smart consumers will get better value than dumb consumers. That's life. Be smart!

12th Jul 2004, 18:31
sparkymarky: I suspect this splurge of publicity is simply aimed at softening up passengers for the introduction of charging for checked baggage. That way Ryanair get to advertise even more £1.99 fares - even if the true cost, with a checked bag included, is more like £50. (Still cheap!)This is the only possible rational explanation. "OK, we've listened to you and we won't ban checked baggage after all, but we will now carry it for a whopping great fee per bag. And count yourselves lucky."

If not, and if MO'L really does what he is currently saying, then I'm with Boss Raptor and others on this: the man is losing his marbles.

14th Jul 2004, 01:04
Agreed that MOL may have gone a step too far with this one.

But the idea of charging more for passengers who carry hold luggage as a way to discourage luggage and speed turn-arounds in principal makes sense for Ryanair.

If you want to carry it you pay for it.

For Business users of Ryanair say Prestwick > Stansted the idea of getting even cheaper tickets and carrying on a laptop etc only will be appealing.

The other main reason for MOL's hate of hold luggage is compensation for lost luggage. Rules only govern losses for hold luggage.

For example I am traveling with Ryanair to Bournemouth next week I would happily pay 20 pounds instead of 64 pounds if all it involved was wearing my suit on the flight rather than risking it going in the hold and being lost anyway. Others will also, clearly other examples too.

Removal of all Hold Baggage all together though I can not see this working or happening.

Just a thought.

14th Jul 2004, 11:43
Didn't I hear recently that he had bought an airfield somewhere in Eastern Europe . What's to stop him therefore flying freight into there and then distributing it onward within Europe in his B738s . Just a thought .

bacardi walla
17th Jul 2004, 09:15
MOL has already lost his marbles. If anyone thinks he is on to a winner with his antics, then they too have room to spare where the marbles were once parked !!