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8th Jul 2004, 23:28

I have collected lots of information about the different courses for getting my ATPL, I am interested in the APP but messages on here regarding Oxford are making me think twice.

I just wondered if anyone knows if:

1. Any of the the APP course graduates from Oxford have been placed yet or even got forth to interview with Oxfords Help ?

2. If the employment services have improved since the last thread ?

I searched the archives and found a few threads that say the first course was due to finish last Month ? I also noticed that there was an APP graduate Manager advertised in flight a few months back. Does anyone know if that person has made a difference ?

Previous Oxford Jobs thread (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=116657&perpage=15&highlight=graduate%20recruitment&pagenumber=1)


9th Jul 2004, 08:00
Hi Loopy

I too am looking forward to getting some feedback on the new APP graduates. This time two months ago I had my selection down to either the Oxford APP or Ormond in the US to save cash. This forum is making me rethink those decisions, many thanks to all who have provided background information.
It is my opinion now from reading all these threads that perhaps the approximate additional 10k you are paying for the APP gets no feet in doors (which may have been worth it). I did get the impression though that the training was excellent so perhaps the new LPP offering is the way to go.



Wee Weasley Welshman
9th Jul 2004, 08:54
My advice is don't do it. Do a modular course somewhere smaller. Save 25,000 in the process. Use this to survive the job hunt.

Its a massive decision with thousands of variables that have all been discussed at greeeeat length on these pages. Do some creative searching..

Good luck,


9th Jul 2004, 11:09
The jobs help at Oxford extends little beyond regular e-mails detailing spurious contacts with mystery airlines for very small numbers of select students. Most graduates will never receive any direct assistance from Oxford in getting a job, which is why so few bother to let the school know when they have employment, or maintain contact with them afterwards.

The APP has been such a high profile product for OAT that I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is frantic negotiations behind the scenes to get good employment results for the first batch of graduates. Failure to do so would virtually kill off the course overnight as this is the whole premise of the product. I also think this is the second time in less than a year that OAT have advertised this recruitment officer's post (under a different name) in Flight. The first guy who took it left within a matter of months I seem to recall.

The standard of training is good, but as WWW rightly points out it is ridiculously expensive. There is definitely no rush for jobs at the moment, and even if it started tomorrow, it would take over a year I reckon to clear the backlog of qualified pilots looking for that break. As a guide, BA CitiExpress recently advertised jobs available to low hours pilots and have been inundated with applications - they had 1100 in the first week alone.

trainer too 2
9th Jul 2004, 13:57
I think the flysfc.com option including typerating and 100 hours for would have my vote if I would start now. :8

9th Jul 2004, 18:03
Thank you for your messages both here and PM.

One thing that has come through from different PM's is ; some people believe the last advert in flight for the graduate manager was just in response to the thread on here where people moaned about them doing nothing for graduates.

I am told no one was appointed in the end, wonder why ? Perhaps I will email Oxford and ask them.

It really surprises me the amount of negative responses I have received from people who have been through Oxford for basically the same reason. You would think that in such an industry with so many competitors that they would listen to the feedback from customers and act on it. Perhaps they do, or perhaps their hands are tied ? Again, maybe this is another thing to ask them


10th Jul 2004, 15:41
Alternatively, you could ask why so few people pay notice to the pages (and pages and pages and.......etc) of advice on here about FTO's and continue to run off to the school of their choice on the basis of marketing guff.

Similarly why so many wannabees and desperados want to go and work for Ryanair (or rip off airline of your choice) and pay the company ridiculous sums of money for the 'privilege'.

If I was a company and could make vast sums of money over and over again from the terminally hard of thinking, I probably would too. However, as a member of the terminally hard of thinking, I haven't.:O

10th Jul 2004, 17:54
have you seen this (http://www.oxfordaviation.net/career/index.htm)
that's quite a lot of positions for 2004 :confused:

no sponsor
10th Jul 2004, 18:14
I'm not sure what you are referring to Moo. Your link is to a page from Oxford with spelling errors and ball-achingly obvious advice.

11th Jul 2004, 11:23
Given the wording of Moo's message I guess he/she is referring to the "Job Successes" link of the above page, which can be found here (http://www.oxfordaviation.net/career/success.htm)

11th Jul 2004, 13:04
cheers flystudent, that was indeed what I was trying to link to, god knows how I managed to screw that up! :8

11th Jul 2004, 13:53
On the 'Airline Guests' Forum, Jim Pegram from easyJet is down as the Operations Manager when he is the cheif pilot. Lets hope lofty doesn't introduce him as that eh!!

12th Jul 2004, 22:35
But out of that job success page. How many of them were actually placed by Oxford? or for that matter if they were Modular or Intergrated. And how many were because the pilots got them through there own hard work.I would mind seeing as well which courses they were on.


12th Jul 2004, 23:38
Im really surprised to see SAS on that page..over the past 3 years all pilots who were hired 1998 and later are gone due to 9.11 ..last in, first to go etc....somethings not right on that list..can the rest be trusted then :mad: Oxford

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