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Bengwa Pilot
8th Jul 2004, 14:29
After 12 months of planning our family holiday and saving all our money to come see our relatives that we havnt seen in 9 years , we have been let down to the point that I am FURIOUS

My sister lost all her luggage with these jokers a week ago, and after lodging lots of paper work and fax´s we cant even get a person to reply to our requests. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars worth of IDD roaming calls we´ve been making.

We cant even be told the basics

If the bags have been located....

Where they went....

When they will be sent to us.....


With no signs of anger or tension the staff have still hung up on us , not returned our calls , reply´d to our claims. One person even told us to call back in 6 months if they havnt been located.

This is also a serious security issue that should be looked at.

People keep transfering us to numbers that arent answered , and when we´re told to try this "guy" he just refers us to another person...

I work for a major international carrier and I am just apalled at the treatment that we have recieivd from these people.

If anyone works for these people and can provide me with an e-mail address or phone number that will have some results it would be much appreciated.

[email protected]

8th Jul 2004, 16:38
If you work for a major carrier, why dont you ask you empolyers or handling agent's lost baggage department to check World Tracer for you. If you have you PIR reference number then they should be able to read what is happening with the bag.

And whos to say that the loaders at you departure point are not to blame???

8th Jul 2004, 17:42
Well now seems like your in a bit of a 2 and 3 with yourself over the problem with your bags....

I just logged on to the website www.flyairone.it
and there is 'info & bagali' for you to click on and as long as your italian is ok then you will be able to follow their instructions...

There is also a fax number...

The d.o.v. (f.o.d.) is Capt Ferraro, nice chap...(speaks good english) why not drop him a line..(try... [email protected])...

Having worked for the company I can assure you that they are no better nor worse than any oher airline in dealing with baggage problems, and all the handling....try taxying around Fuimicino...its a minefield of baggage dropped here and there from buggies...and so on ...

Air One handling is done, like most airlines by an agent ....EAS, they probably do not have much skill at english.etc. etc. etc..anyway your bag may have been picked up by alitalia...they have just as much lost baggage at Rome as Air One...and they are definitely not 'user friendly' in this case..

Air One are courteous and friendly people...you are behaving quite normally, as any passenger worldwide does in this situation, You will have no doubt watched our heros on the TV!...so stop your ranting...start again, be calm, believe me...they will try and help you!!

Also enlist the help of an italian speaker if poss!!

9th Jul 2004, 15:55
Hello Again Pierre

I just popped in to see if you had picked up my info/advise

I also realised that you did not say where you travelled to/from??
Thus I assumed Rome...

For all other such unfortunate eventuallities...this illustrates the need for good Travel Insurance...!!!

I use www.alchealth.com...their travel policy is Europe to Europe (as against others which are for example UK to UK)