View Full Version : Poor Aer Lingus

7th Jul 2004, 15:37

This originally on Ryanair's web-site following reports that Aer Lingus pilots and staff may be seeking to buy the company!

Good Luck Aer Lingus people!

7th Jul 2004, 16:51
Ryanair is nothing if not ruthless.

Business is war comes to mind.

7th Jul 2004, 18:59
hey bealine

any chance of BA offering a lifeline to the people being booted from Aer Lingus' FF programme?

19th Jul 2004, 23:52
oh what nonsense from FR as usual! Thats why EI are going ahead and doing what FR have been talking about for years! Delivering new routes and new business to this country!

Interesting to note that MOL has said he would have an interest in buying it himself? Cant be such a lost cause then after all ;-)